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Julia Sweeney - Actress, Writer, Comedian, is the kind of person you just feel like rooting for. She has bounced back from adversity, having survived some highly charged personal and professional experiences. You may remember Julia Sweeney as the gifted comedian of Saturday Night Live and the creator of the strangely unforgettable character Pat. You may think you know her from one of her numerous film and TV appearances, ranging from Pulp Fiction and Honey, I Blew Up the Kids, to Mad About You and Third Rock from the Sun.

But, you don't really know this brilliant writer and comedian until you have seen her moving one-woman show, "God Said Ha!" The film version of the show won Best Film at the Seattle Film Festival and the Audience Award at the New York Comedy Film Festival. In 'God Said,' Julia Sweeney delivers an extended monologue so exquisitely written, so emotionally touching and so entertaining that manages the almost impossible task of captivating the audience for 85 minutes with quite demanding material.

Sweeney recounts with dark humor a traumatic chapter in her life, when her brother Mike struggled and lost a battle with cancer and she herself was diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer. When Michael, Julia's younger sibling, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the Sweeney parents left their Spokane, Wash., home and moved into Julia's Hollywood bungalow.

Drawing on a situation similar to the one seen in Albert Brooks' comedy Mother, Sweeney relates in great detail the feelings of mature daughter, long separated from her folks, as she is forced to live again in a tightly knit family context.

Impersonating every member of her family, Sweeney switches effortlessly from one character to another, re-creating in the process, a ferociously lively and candid family album. It also contains enough universal elements to make it relevant to any urban dweller, male and female, gay and straight, young and old.

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