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"Sweeney Museum Fund Raising Campaign"
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Over the last few months we have been fundraising to pay for the contents of the Killaghtee Sweeney Museum. We have reached the halfway mark and would appeal to all those Sweeneys (and anyone else who would like to assist us) out there who have not yet sent us their contribution to please do so now.

This is a very heavy commitment that we the local committee took upon ourselves on behalf of the clan, but we feel that by acquiring the museum, will help keep alive the spirit of the Clan and keep us mindful of our heritage. It will add life to Doe Castle when housed there and allow our youth to see first hand what Doe Castle was like in its heyday when it was a vibrant hive of activity.

We really expected to have the deal finalised by now and we thank the Atkinson family for their patience. They have allowed us to start moving the items, which we are now putting in storage to await its final move to Doe Castle when renovation is complete there. We thank also our contributors to date and people like George Beckett who organised groups of fundraisers. That is the spirit that keeps us going. As many of you know we are voluntary workers on behalf of the clan who derive no personal gain from any of our activities.

We get email from Sweeneys right across the world and we do our best to reply to everyone. We have approximately 500 hits per week on our website. Perhaps you are one of our many contacts who have not yet made a contribution. Please consider doing so now and help us to finalise this commitment we undertook on behalf of the clan.

The museum pieces are of the highest quality and we were very fortunate to have been able to acquire them. Please help us now on this final drive to complete the deal. In return your name will be listed as one of the clans donors who helped to acquire this unique collection. The Secretary of Clann Suibhne will personally acknowledge each contribution.

We look forward to your assistance and thank you for your support to date.

All contributions should made payable to "Sweeney Clan" and sent to:

Sweeney Clan
Co Donegal

Thanking You

John Sweeney PRO
Clann tSuibhne
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