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Jim Sweeney

JIM SWEENEY got involved in performing through the Oval House Arts Centre in London during his last year at school, an all boys catholic grammar school. His interest in theatre and improvisation has been kindled by a desire to explore and express the human condition through drama... and also because there were girls in the drama group.

During his years at Oval House, he took various workshops, did street theatre, shows on local estates, did childrens' shows in the theatre and on local play schemes, played characters ranging from a mute mediaeval Baron's minion to Iago in Othello. It was great fun. From those humble beginnings, he has barely sustained an adequate career. Most of his performing life has been spent improvising (or showing off).

He has shown off on a regular basis with his school friend, Steve Steen. Together they have performed, in various guises, all over Europe. For most of that time, they called themselves "The Wee Wees", which gives you some idea what the shows were like.

Jim Sweeney has managed to blag his way on to many TV shows including "CBTV", "Tiswas", "Sooty", "Whose Line is it Anyway?", "One Foot in the Grave", "Rory Bremner". "Blackadder 3", "Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson..." and "Kiss Me Kate".

His greatest TV moment was reading a story about an electric scarecrow to Zippy, George and Bungle on "Rainbow".

Theatre credits include a national tour of "Betrayal" by Harold Pinter. He gave a subtle, low key performance and did not wink at the audience.

His first play "Danny's Wake" in which he appeared with Steve Steen - won a Fringe First at the 1999 Edinburgh Festival. He also won the Granada Media Comedy Writing Award. So there.

His radio appearances include the utterly wonderful improvised saga, "The Masterson Inheritance" on BBC Radio 4. The cast was Josie Lawrence, Phelim McDermott, Paul Merton, Caroline Quentin, Lee Simpson and Jim Sweeney.

He also appears occasionally with Stephen Frost, Steve Steen, Andy Smart and Richard Vranch. They may look smart in their suits but don't be fooled.

They are nothing more than a bunch of drink ravaged show offs who can't be bothered learning lines so they just turn up and wing it.

Jim is old enough to know better.

Jim was also recently featued in an article in Eve Magazine.

From the Comedy Store Players Web Site.

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