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Gerry Burns
No. 360

My Mom, Eleanor, is a Sweeney,born in Phila., her father was Daniel Patrick Sweeney, born in Phila. in 1863, lived in St. Michael Parish in Philadelphia, his father was Bernard, who had brothers, William, Patrick and Daniel, they all came from Magilligan Strand, Derry, Ireland in the first half of the 19th century.

I know just about everything about the Sweeneys' from the time they came to Philadelphia from upstate Pennsylvania in the 1850's. What I do not know is exactly when they left Ireland, where they arrived or the name of the ship.

My great grandfather Bernard received letters from his brother William who fought for the Union Army during the Civil War, copies of these letters are still around. In these letters, William mentions meeting someone that they knew from the mines in Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania, now known as Jim Thorpe, PA. He also mentions that he met a Captain, during the Peninsula Campaign, that he knew from Easton, Pa. In another of his letters, he mentions that brother Patrick Sweeney was with the Union Army in Winchester, Indiana and was sending for his wife to come to live in Indiana,.

Any help would be appreciated
Gerry Burns

No. 361

Hello Sweeney Clan, I am trying to trace where in Ireland my G.G.Grandmother BRIDGET SWEENEY was born, in 1831. She married a THOMAS RILEY(born abt. 1829) & by 1856 they had arrived in Hull,East Yorkshire,England. They had 6 children: Catherine, John, Mary F, Margaret(who was my G.Grandmother),Joseph & James. They all appear on the English 1881 Census, but on the 1901 English Census only Margaret Riley's descendents appear. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Maureen
Alma Hastie
No. 362

Hello my name is alma hastie
Ilive in the north of England my g/grandmother was Annie or Ann Sweeney she was born in Co Claire but was taken to the Aran Islands as a baby When she was older she taught school there . She married my g/grandfather Peter Bermingham and lived at Nunns Island Galway later they live in Middle street Peter had a forge on Abbeygate street I know very little about her other than it was an arranged marriage with land being passed between the Sweenys and the Berminghams I think she would have been born about 1865 she died in 1924 and her age given was 53 but as her eldest child was born in 1882 this is a mistake Can anybody help.
Mary Jo Sweeney
No. 363

Hello. My name is Mary Jo Sweeney, daughter of Henderson Sweeney Jr. I currently reside in Grayson, Ky. I do not have any information to go on, for I never knew my father's parent's. My grandfather's name was Henderson Sweeney Sr, who married Louellen Salyers Sweeney the children were as follows:
Lonzo Lykins Sweeney
Roy Sweeney
Harlan Sweeney
Corbitt Sweeney
Graden Jennings Sweeney
Henderson Sweeney Jr.
and 4 daughters...
Mae Caskey
Faye Carter
Opal Felty
Wanda France
My father passed last year, and any information on the family history would be much appreciated. Thanks,
Mary Jo Sweeney

No. 364

My name is Nicole and I'm researching my husband's family. We are from Reno, NV

The only information I have is his great-grandfather John McSweeney immigrated to the US sometime before 1899. He married Mary Good in NH in 1899.

John's parents were William and Margaret (Greeden) McSweeney.
Mary Good's parents were John and Mary Ann (Barry) Good.
All were from County Cork, Ireland.
Monisa McWhiney Shackelford
No. 365

My name is Monisa McWhiney Shackelford. My grandfather, Murry David McWhiney, was born to Thomas and Josephine McWhinney or MacWhinney (yes, the spelling changed) of Glouster, LA, in 1914. I know Josephine was French and both of them were Catholic but I have no other details. From my research I have found that both MacQueen and MacWhinney or McWhinney are derivatives of Sweeney. My grandfather said we were "Scotch-Irish" but I never was sure what that meant. Anybody have any details for me? Thanks - Monisa
Richard Elwood Swinney
No. 366

Hello, I'm Richard Elwood Swinney II. I was born 12/28/51 in Stephansville, Newfoundland, Canada to Richard Elwood Swinney. He was stationed there in the U.S. Air Force. He was from Claremore, Oklahoma, USA. He was killed when I was 5 years of age on his way to the Air Force base by a semi-truck when it hit him from behind and caused him to crash into a railroad crossing sign. The sign fell to the top of his car and killed him. He was married to my mother, Hazel Christine Holman. I have two brothers by him, David Lee Swinney and Donald Eugene Swinney. I never knew his father or his mother, but he had two brothers that I knew about, Ed Swinney and I think John. I was told that our name was originally Sweeney untill my father's father or grandfather changed it due to something that happened with his uncle. I know nothing beyond that accept that there were stories about us having relatives in the Irish Riflemen during the Civil War. I have children, JoAnna Swinney, Shannon Dawn Swinney, Richard Elwood Swinney III, Cecil Ray Swinney, Robin Ann Swinney, and finally, Melissa LeAnn Swinney. Thank You.
Richard E. Swinney II

Eileen Robison
No. 367

My name is Eileen Robison and I live in California.
I am looking for any information on Elizabeth Sweeney born about 1822 in Kentucky. She married John D Drury on Jan 5, 1840. Their children are:
Harry or Harvy A born 1840
Martha born 1841
Elizabeth born 1843
Indiana born 1846
Willis D born 1848 (my ggrandfather)
William J born 1849
John A born 1852
Joseph U born 1855

Thanks for any help!!!
Jo Kellerman
No. 368

My great grandfather, Owen Eugene Sweeney, was born around 1841 in Cork County. I believe he was a stowaway on a ship to America as a boy, later settled in Missouri and married Emily Elizabeth Cox. All information is appreciated.

Jo Kellerman
Daniel Pouzet
No. 369

My name is Daniel. I'm looking for Owen Sweeney, born in 1824 at Sic-de-Tirary or Tipperary.He married Aglae Pinard at Sainte-Monique-de-Nicolet, Québec, Canada in october 14, 1845.His father was Andrew Sweeney born in 1777 and dead on august 10, 1847 at Sainte-Monique-de-Nicolet, Québec.His mother Mary (Dennsick ???) born in 1779.I am from Québec, Canada.
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