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"The Trouble With Sweeney"

Once quoted as saying "We're the ugly Beatles", Joey Sweeney is the lead singer and primary song writer for the Philadelphia based band, "The Trouble with Sweeney". Their debut album, "Dear Life" has taken the alternative-country-folk world by storm in the last year receiving rave reviews from everyone who has had the pleasure of listening to it.

For the second year running "The Trouble with Sweeney" has been listed in the editor's top picks of the year.

Joey is said to have one of the most captivating new voices today, described as "breathy, wise, and, dare I say, even sexy" said one reviewer. Another reviewer claimed his "voice is aged perfectly by (my guess) lots of Jack Daniels and Marlboro Lights...his Westerberg-esque timbre has got that crackling rasp that's always the signature of someone who's lived a life full of nights with the boys...It's that voice that stays with you the longest, despite the solid music that make up this debut of an album."
As much as the voice, it is the music that is getting the attention. "Music provides escape, comfort, and release, and it's important for the musicians and the listeners to lose themselves in a little music. Anything else is like saying 'no' to life." proclaims Sweeney. "...songs are introspective and enchanting" and "Like an old cushiony chair in the den of your grandparent’s basement, getting comfortable with The Trouble With Sweeney is not an impossible task" claim even more reviewers.

The fact is, it appears most people are finding no Trouble with Joey Sweeney at all.

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