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Charles Sweeny, Recruiter of the "American Eagle Squadrons"

Anyone who was anyone in the world of High Society, high finance, politics, golf, warfare, entertainment, horse-racing or anything else from the 1930's to the present day should be interested in "The Autobiography of Charles Sweeny", if only because they are probably in it!

Charles Sweeny's intimate friends included the Duke of Windsor and most of the aristocracy in Europe. As leading international amateur golfers, he and his brother Bobby were close friends of all the great players. Through the Trust company founded by his father, Charles was behind some of the biggest financial deals in the City, dealing with Charles Clore, Isaac Wolfson, Lord Hanson and many others.

Between the wars, this handsome, charming, wealthy American was one of the most popular bachelors in London, European and New York Society, until his "wedding of the year" to England's most glamorous debutante, Margaret Whigham. Their son, Brian, followed in his father's footsteps to become a leading business consultant. Their daughter, Frances, became the Duchess of Rutland. After the marriage ended in divorce, Margaret became the Duchess of Argyll, and when this marriage ended it resulted in one of the most sensational divorce cases in England.

When the war came, Sweeny organised the Americans in London into a motorised unit, then, when the RAF desperately needed fighter pilots, recruited American volunteers to join the RAF as the famous "Eagle Squadrons"; when America entered the war, they formed the nucleous of the US 8th Air Force, which became the most successful Allied fighter unit.

"The Autobiography of Charles Sweeny" us a history of the years 1930-1990 with Sweeny giving the true story behind most of the headlines. The book is currently out of print but a copy can easily be obtained in the used book market.

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