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Patrick H. Sweeney

Patrick H. Sweeney, North Dakota Business Innovator of the Year 2001

Named the North Dakota Business Innovator of the Year for 2001, Patrick H. Sweeney has been the President of Weather Modification, Inc. of Fargo since 1992. Weather Modification, Inc. is a worldwide atmospheric research and cloud seeding company conducting business in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America and North America. Since the early 1960s, the company has been a worldwide leader in the field of cloud modification and atmospheric research. Currently, the company operates multiple weather radars and more than 25 high performance aircraft staffed by experienced pilots, meteorologists and radar technicians on its cloud seeding and research programs.

In 1995, Sweeney formed WMI’s sister company, Fargo Jet Center, Inc., a full service aviation company located in Fargo. In 1999, Sweeney formed Ice Crystal Engineering, LLC, which is the largest producer of cloud seeding pyrotechnics in the world.

Finally, in 2000, Sweeney was instrumental in the development of Fargo Air Medical LLC, a professional, on-demand, fixed-wing air ambulance service for North Dakota, Minnesota, and the Upper Midwest.

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