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John & Ann Sweeney

"Patchwork Clan -
How the Sweeney Family Grew"

The extraordinary story of a family of 17 children is the topic of the 1982 book, "Patchwork Clan - How the Sweeney Family Grew" by Doris Lund.

Thinking they would never have children of thier own, John & Ann Sweeney discovered the joys of adoption and a renewed sense of love and commitment came into thier lives. This miracle was soon followed by another when at 41 years old, Ann gave birth to twins! The Sweeneys soon adopted another child, then soon after another, and more after that until finally the family swelled to 17 children. The "Patchwork Clan" is the story of how this remarkable family copes and learns to grow along with each of the new arrivals and it is a true testament of love, pain, and pride. Although no longer in print, it is fairly easy to obtain a used copy of this great book.

Seems as if John & Ann Sweeney have done more than their share to expand and bring diversity to the Sweeney Clan.

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