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Karen Knaus
No. 440

I'm doing research on my husbands family name of Sweeney.
His grandfather Martin Sweeney was born in 1880 in County Cork.
Married Lillian Doherty and became a citizen in 1895. He settled in Chicago,Il. I am unable to find any info. on his parents,when and what ship he was on,and his birth records.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as this has become a quest for myself and my husband.

Tam Sweeney
No. 441

The name Dalriada is Argyle ,the name for Ulster is Dalriata,the Princess who came from the south was Tara whose father,before having his eyes burned out by the Babalonian King,watched as his sons were slain was brought to the sanctury of these Islands by a freind of the Hyperboreans or as Egyptian scholers say "the people from the north"Before the synod of Whitbay the people of these Islands were Culdee the first Kingdom of Christendom before Rome attemted the Genocide of the inhabitants of innys monn or monns grampus The celts were invited here to a nation aloof to tyranny be it from nebuchadnezzer or pilot who interestingly according to josephus hailed from the lowlands after 55bc insurgence by the beast,rome,aided from of all places Erin.

Veronica Sweeney
No. 442

I'm just wondering if all Sweeney's are related in some way, or if there are Sweeney's from another clan aswell?

Marc Sweeney
No. 443

I am looking for information reguarding my family tree. I know that I have some native american blood in my past and have pretty good idea that the indiana that was in past was Smallwood. Are there any relatives out there who might have this information. I was also wondering on the nation and also where the roots start for my branh.
Any help would be great, thanks

Angela Stuart
No. 444

Trying to trace my roots.
Would also love to hear from relatives, maybe meet those still around. This was my grandmother (Dad's Mum)Annie Sweeney born in 1895, daughter of patrick and kate sweeney of wexford. Patrick was Terence MacSwiney's brother.

Brian Best
No. 445

Looking for any information on Roger SWEENEY and his wife Elizabeth
CUYLER, in Eastern Passage around 1800.

Three children are known:
Charles, b. 1791 in Eastern Passage, d. Topsfield, MA
Miles, b. 1799 in Eastern Passage, d. Topsfield, MA
Elizabeth, b. 1808 in Halifax, married unknown HORN(E). I believe she had a son Elias HORN(E).

Teresa Turim
No. 446

I just found out that I was born to Betty Jean Turim and Jack/John Sweeney and he worked at the phone company in Miami in 1967 when I was concieved and later born on March 18, 1968. I grew up in Florida and would like to find my father and other Sweeney family members. He would know my mother as having a twin sister Mary. and that he was with my mother when I was concieved and is aware that I exist. Hopefull to find my dad - if anyone can help. Thank you.

Barry Allen
No. 447

My great grandfather was a John McSweeney born 1859, Cork, County Cork and died 6/12/1897 (Woodford Queensland(?)). His father was Michael McSweeney and mother was Catherine Coffey.John married Kate Mary Josphine Brennan (b1862 Kilkenny d 13/9/1925 Woodford Queensland(?))Kate Brennan's father was John Brennan and mother was Johanna Wilson. Any information you are able to supply would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Sweeney White
No. 448

I would love to get some information on my granpa, Neal(Nigellus) Joseph Sweeney, born in Letterkenny, a while ago. Lived in liverpool but became a director of British American Tobacco and the Ardath Cigarette and lived in London, England in "Ardlethan" a big mother of mansions in Golder's Green, until after the 2nd war. He died about 1948 or so.


Gerald Sweeney
No. 449

My name is Gerald Sweeney.
-----born in 1930 in Dauphin,Manitoba

My Father's name was Stephen
-----born in 1903 in Norwood, Manitoba, Canada
(he had 1 brother and 5 sisters)

My Grandfather's name was Michael
----born in 1870 in Rathmullen, Donegal, Ireland
-----died in 1940 in Norwood, Manitoba.

My Grandmother's maiden name was Catherine Boyle
----born in 1876 in Rathmullen, Donegal, Ireland
----died in 1961 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Grandparents Michael & Catherine probably married in Rathullen before emigrating to Canada in 1901

Expect to visit Ireland in 2004 and besides enjoying the sights of the country--I would like to visit the area and possibly the houses my Grandfather and Grandmother lived in and trace my ancestry starting with my grandparents families and at least their immediate forebears.

Please contact me if you have any information to start my search.

Gerald Sweeney

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