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Leeanne Brian
No. 430

I am researching the Grand Traverse Co., MI area and I have connected the Swaney's from Old Mission into my family tree. Here is an article I found in the book Sprague's History of Grand Traverse and Leelanaw Counties Michigan by Elvin L. Sprague and Mrs. George N. Smith. (Published 1903) James Swaney is a brother of Chris (Nancy Kitchen) Swaney


A half century seems a long period in which to reside on one farm and yet for more then that for fifty three years James Swaney has lived upon the farm which is now his home. It was a wild tract of land when his parents took up their abode here, and around them stretched the green woods, sheltering wild game of various kinds. Only here and there had a clearing been made to indicate the advance of civilization into the western wilderness, but occasionally the blue smoke could be seen curling upward from a pioneer cabin. Frontier conditions existed. The farmer cultivated their land with implements which seem quite primitive compared to those now in use, and then after harvesting their crops had to transport them by team to market. As the years passed, however, the cleared and cultivated areas of the county became greater and greater and the county is now the abiding place of a contented and prosperous people whose richly cultivated farms surround thriving towns and cities and all of the comforts and conveniences of the older east have been introduced.

James Swaney has kept abreast with the progress of the times in his work and is today accounted one of the leading agriculturist of the community in which he has so long made his home. He still lives upon a part of the original farm entered by his father, and to which he was brought when only about a year old. He was born in Spring township, Crawford county, Pennsylvania, August 10, 1848, a son of John and Rosanna (McFadden) Swaney, the former born September 13 1806, the latter on the 10th of July, 1810. They were married in Pennsylvania and unto them were born Eleven children, of whom James was the tenth. with their family they came to the west in the fall of 1850, their destination being Grand Traverse county. They settled upon the farm now owned and occupied by our subject and there they remained until called to their final home, the father devoting his attention to the cultivation of his land, assisted by his sons. In the early days the family experienced may of the hardships and trials of pioneer life, but as time passed the united efforts of the children and parents made it possible to gain more of the comforts known to the older east. The mother died September 2, 1868 and Mr. Swaney, surviving her for two years. passed away on the 4th of October, 1870.

Upon the home farm in peninsula township, Grand Traverse County, James Swaney was reared and here he has always lived, Working in the fields from the time of his youth to the present, when he owns and operates fifty acres of land, constituting one of the good farms of the community. There are good buildings upon the place and modern equipments, which facilitate the farm work and in the supervision of his property Mr. Swaney shows a thorough and practical understanding of the best methods of carrying on agricultural pursuits.

In Peninsula township, July 2, 1871, Mr. Swaney was married to Miss Harriet Lardie, who was born in Milton, Holten county, Ontario, March 30, 1851, a daughter of George and Harriet (Courtu) Lardie, both natives of Canada and well know farming people of Grand Traverse county. They arrived in this county in 1859 and established their home in Peninsula township, where Mr. Lardie is still living, but his wife passed away April 9, 1901, when about seventy years of age. They were the parents of thirteen children, of whom Mrs. Swaney is the Eldest. Unto the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Swaney seven children have been born; John E., George F., Lewis H., Clara B., who died in infancy; Rose E., Sylvia I., and Hattie M.

Mr. Swaney and his family are members of the Catholic church, and in his political views he is a Democrat, having always given his support to the principles of that party. He has been elected on its ticket to the office of township treasurer, has served as high way commissioner and has also been officially connected with the schools. Advancement along line of public good and improvement is sure to elicit his attention and as far as possible he has given aid to measures for the general welfare There is hardly any one in the entire county so familiar with its history, for he has been a witness of all the changes which have occurred through fifty three years. He has seen the building of the railroads, the introduction of the telegraph and telephone, the institution of the present school system and has noted the growth along material social, intellectual and moral lines. Events in the pioneer epoch of the count's development have left their impress on his mind and he can relate may interesting incidents of the early days. His long residence in the county has made him widely known and he has gained friendship and favor among those with whom he has been associated because of his exemplification of may sterling virtues which go to the making of honorable manhood.

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Francisco Mac-Swiney
No. 431


My name is Francisco Eduardo Mac-Swiney Almazán and I'm from México. My greatgrandfather came from Ireland, and I wanted to know if Mac-Swiney and Mac-Sweeney are alike or the same? if it is I'll like to know more about my family :)
Best Regards!

Julie Clabrough
No. 432

Looking for connections

Neill MACSWEENEY b. abt 1750, Fanad,Donegal, spouse Madge O'BRESLIN b. abt
1760 Rathmullen,Donegal.

Regards Julie

Carole Sweeney
No. 433

My name is Carole Sweeney from Columbus, Oh. My husband is Tim Sweeney and we are looking to find out where his gg grandfather & grandmother came from in Ireland. We traced back as far as we can go on this end.

I am looking for a Thomas Sweeney, born in Donegal County, I think, about the year 1809. He married Bridget McCabe, who was born around 1811. They had a daughter named Mary, who was born there also.

Not sure when they came to the USA, but they settled in Perry County in Ohio. They went on to have Ann, John, Bridget, James, Thomas, Elizabeth, Patrick and Hugh. Their oldest daughter, Mary, married E. Gormly and they settled in Morgan County in Ohio.

Other than that, I have no more information. I would like to know where Thomas & Bridget came from in Ireland.

My husband's great grandfather was James (one of Thomas & Bridget's sons. James married Rose Martin and they are buried in New Lexington Cemetery in Perry County.

Thomas & Bridget are buried in what they call "Irish Ridge" in Perry County.

Any more information would be appreciated.

Rodger Sweeney/ Hoopman
No. 434

I am looking for family of Joseph Walker Sweeney (1918-2001). He passed away in Vallejo, Solano Co., Ca. I am his son by an anulled marriage in 1946.

Sean Mac Suibhne
No. 435

Michael SWEENEY and wife Bridget nee MCCART came to Cleveland Ohio 1840. Joining them later, 1847 was Michael's sister Margaret and her husband James SHARKEY along with his brother John and Jane CURRAN. All were landowners in Euclid Ohio. I only know they were from Donegal. An 1869 death record of Margaret lists her birthplace with two names, what I think is Clondavaddog and Glen. Both are in Donegal but I've no idea why both are named. Later relatives over are Edward Sweeney. Any help appreciated.
Thanks, Sean

No. 436

i dont really know who im looking for, just come across this site, my name is adele sweeney, im 18 nearly 19,i live in northampton, my grandparents are winifred and thomas sweeney, they had 8 children, just wondered really if anyone knows them or was looking for them.

Elizabeth Sweeney Weimer
No. 437

My grandfather, Edward James Sweeney was originally from St. Johnstown near Letterkenny, County Donegal. I think his father was also Edward, and his mother was Susan Bradley. This is all of the information that I have at present.

Rodger Hoopman
No. 438

I am looking for the family of Joseph Walker Sweeney (1918-2001). He passed away in Vallejo, Ca. I am a son by Virginia Biegler (born in 1946) who would like to know about other family members and family history.

Rev. Richard E. Swinney II
No. 439

It is indeed a sad day here as we have lost our Mother, Hazel Christine Swinney Anderson. She died yesterday on the 7th after complications set in with her heart. She fought a long and hard battle with cancer of the bone, but the Lord decided that she had suffered enough. She is survived by 5 sons; Richard, David, Donald, John, and Bob, 11 grandchildren, and 14 great grand children, and her 2nd husband, Andy Anderson. May the Lord watch over and keep her for always. Her loving son; Rev. Richard E. Swinney II

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