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No. 400

I live in Richardson, Texas I am looking for information on John Swinney. Memoirs written by William Landon Swinney, a great grandson, tell the family story about two brothers coming from Ireland around 1790 and settling in New York. The two brothers, second one unnamed, both fell in love with the same woman. The unnamed brother won her hand so John went south and settled in Georgia. According to the great grandson, the name was spelled Sweeney but John changed it to Swinney upon arriving in Georgia. John married Rosina Zollicoffer. He died in 1800 in Hancock Co, Georgia. John and Rosey had several children, Ransom Zollicoffer Swinney, being one of them. Ransom Z. married Mary Clark Greene. One of their sons, Wilson Ransom Swinney {my great grandfather} married Sarah Ann Skinner. One of their sons, James Sidney Swinney {my grandfather} married Josie Adaline Smart. My theory is that John left Ireland closer to the 1760s rather than the 1790s. {I have no idea what part of Ireland he was to have come from}. He had become very successful in Georgia and it hardly seems that he could have accomplished all the did in the ten short years from 1790 until he died in 1800. Other Swinney/Sweeney researchers have been able to find him in Georgia but not any further back. If any of this sounds familiar to anyone I would greatly appreciate hearing form you.

Kathleen Ann Sweeney
No. 401

I am Kathleen Ann Sweeney (nickname Kay) from Madison, WI USA. I am searching for the roots of my father's family. My grandfather Michael Sweeney was born in County Kerry, in Abbeydorney (near Tralee) I believe. Michael's father's name is unknown to me. I was told I am named for my paternal grandmother Kathryn (Katherine) Reagan (Regan). My grandfather Michael, and two brothers (Cornelius and ?) came to America when Michael was 16. I believe the brothers came thru New York. Michael eventually came to Wisconsin, married Anna Prehn and lived near Taycheedah, WI, later tried farming in mid-state Wisconsin, and eventually settled his family in Spring Valley WI, near St. Paul/Minneapolis Minn.
Grandpa Sweeney ran a bar and hotel in Spring Valley until he died in the early 1940's. Grandpa and Grandma had 8 children: Helen, Albert, Ethel, Alma,Frances, Walter, Evelyn and Leo (my father). My dad died in 2002, and was the last of his siblings.
He said his Dad was never able to afford to go back to visit his family, and would sometimes play Irish songs on his violin and cry. My father said his Uncle Cornelius visited Wisconsin when Dad was a child (my Dad was born in Spring Valley in 1917).
Uncle Cornelius apparently was killed (in the 1920's?) when hit by a trolley car in Arkansas, perhaps Little Rock. Some of my cousins tracked down an Elizabeth Shanahan in the Tralee area many years ago.
I am the oldest of 13- Kathleen (Kay), Mary, Robert, Carol, Patricia, John, Joseph and Jerome (identical twins), William, Anne, Linda, Janet and Jean. Most of us live in southern Wisconsin now.
Among my questions: What were the names of Michael's siblings- the ones in Ireland and the other brother who came with him to the US? Who are their descendents? What was Cornelius doing in Arkansas? Did any of Michael's sibs ever come to the US? What was greatgrandpa Sweeney's first name? Does anyone know info about Katherine Regan (Reagan) my namesake?
I hope to attend the 2003 Rally, so any tips, info or search ideas are welcome. I'll help you all as I can. There are several Sweeney lines in Madison WI and near the WI/Iowa border, and some families are quite well-known. My father was a well highway/landscape contractor,( after running the family bar/hotel/bowling alley business.) He was known for his Irish wit, sense of humor and hospitality, and love of football.
He died on March 14, 2002, and was waked on St. Patrick's Day! I felt his spirit say it was OK to feel sad, but not to blow the whole day by hanging around the funeral home and missing the good parties! One of his last comments- (after falling and breaking a hip and dying of heart problems)- was "I tripped on the goal line!)

Hope we can help each other!
Kay Sweeney (B 5/27/47)

Phil Sweeney
No. 402

Info regarding family:
I was born in Birmingham, UK in 1970. My Father's name is John Micheal Sweeney, he was born in Birmingham in Nov 1944. His other brothers and sisters names were Valerie (now deceased), Patricia, Philip and Brendon. His father's name was Micheal Sweeney who died in December 1979. I never knew my father's mother, she died many years before I was born, I only know that her name was Omelia.
I appreciate that this info isn't the most comprehensive amount of information to go on but it's all I have for the time being. I will provide any information I acquire in the future.


Birmingham, UK

Jo Kellerman
No. 403

My great grandfather, Owen Eugene Sweeney, was born in County Cork (I believe Middleton) on 24 Dec. 1830. He left Ireland at abt. 16 to work on cargo ships for 6 or so years before going to America in the 1550’s. He joined the NY Calvary upon arriving and later served the 11 Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. He married Emily Elizabeth Cox, 10 June 1866, in Saline County, Mo and died in Marshall, Mo in 1918. Any connections would be appreciated.

Jo Kellerman

Geraldine Leighton de Robredo
No. 404

Any Sweeneys from the Killargue parish of Co.Leitrim,(not too far from the Drumkeeran area,). My gg grandmother was Mary Sweeney and she married my gg grandfather, Michael O'Rourke from Mullaghbaun, Drumkeeran on Oct 10th 1859, in Killargue. So,if anyone out there thinks that there could be a family link here, please contact me. Thank you.
Geraldine Leighton de Robredo.

Kathleen McSweeny
No. 405


My name is Kathleen McSweeny. I'm currently living in Florida. I'm looking for information on O'Callaghan J. McSwneey's parents. The only information that I have is the following.

O'Callaghan J. McSweeny was born Jan. 9, 1809 and married Honoria
Harnett (b. 1815) sometime between 1833 - 1835. They had nine children.
The last 2 were born in New York.
Ellen - 1835 - 1863 nun
Mary Francis - 1836 - 1905 m. John McLoughlin (we don't have any information on the McLoughlin family after 1940) Julia - 1837/39 - 1865 m. John Daly 2 daughters Julia and Isabelle.
Neither married that we know of.
Patrick Francis - 1838 - 1907 priest
Daniel Edward - (my g,g, grandfather)1841 - 1907 m. Mary Agnes Reilly had eight children
Edward F.X. - 1843 - 1909 priest
John O'Callaghan - 1848 - 1847 priest
Francis Patrick - 1857 - 1888 priest
Justin. - 1860 - 1862
O'Callaghan had 2 brothers that we know of. Very Rev. Daniel McSweeny of Brandon, County Cork and Very Rev. Dr. Patrick McSwiney of Cork, Ireland. They had a sister (name unknown) who married John I. O'Regan and had four children:
Annie, Kathleen, Matthew, and John.
O'Callaghan changed the surname from McSwiney to McSweeny sometime before he immigrated to America in 1847/48. I don't know if he changed his first name as well. Honoria and the rest of the family immigrated to America in 1851/52.

If anybody has any information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Susan McSweeney Carpenter
No. 406

Father: John Joseph McSweeney b.9 Sep 1920 Sydney, N.S.W. Australia

G-Father: John Joseph McSweeney b.12 Dec 1888, Cork, Cork,
d.1 June 1959, Sydney, N.S.W. Austrlia Australa Honorah Ella Cause b.1900 Australia

GG-Father: John Joseph McSwiney b.abt.1865 Cork, Cork,
md. Julia Burns (Byrnes)on 3 Feb 1883, Cork, Cork
children: Eugene b.1883, nvr md. died in Cork 1964
William b.1885
Mary Angela b.1884, md. & died in Australia 1951
Morgan b.1896, died in Australia 1950
Julia (Cissy)b.1890
Katherine b.1893, immigrated to USA, was nun in New York
Daniel b.1899, md in Cork, died in Australia
Edward (Ned) b.1904, nvr md. died in Cork 1967

GGG-Father: Eugene McSwiney no individual data
md. Mary no individual data or marriage data

I am the 3rd of 4 children born to John Joseph McSweeney and Lucy Edith Stone.

I would be pleased if you could acknowledge this email so that I know that it was received. If you have information that will help me please advise and the costs etc.

Thankyou in advance and thankyou fro posting to the web.

Susan McSweeney Carpenter
Still an Aussie Citizen living in the USA

Ben Sweeney
No. 407

Hello. My name is Ben Sweeney and I am the son of Tim Sweeney, who is the son of Charles Sweeney. Our family is from St. Marys, West Virginia and have dwelled in the area for quite some time. I know that my grandfather bears a necktie and cap of the MacQueen tartan every sunday to church. This is what got me interested in my roots. Please send me some information on how we might fit into the Sweeney Clan. Thank you for your time.

Ben Sweeney

Camille Inifer
No. 408

Hi my name is Camille Inifer, from Western Australia. My maternal GGrandmother's maiden name was Elizabeth Sweeney. Believed Elizabeth born in County Kildare. She married Hugh Gallagher (occupation - 'Soldier') in 1904 and came to Western Australia in 1913 on the 'Baltic' with four children, one of whom was Rosanna Gallagher, my maternal grandmother. Hugh was born in County Donegal. Elizabeth and her sister Ellen Sweeney were sisters and the only two of this branch of the Sweeney's to come to Western Australia. Ellen Sweeney married James Parkinson, also a soldier. Elizabeth and Hugh had six children, three of whom became Catholic nuns here is South Perth, Western Australia. The family settled in New Norcia, Western Australia, until Hugh died in 1921 - fell down a well.

I would love to have feedback on the Irish link or from other Sweeney's in Western Australia.

Camille Inifer

Crystal Sweeney
No. 409

My name is Crystal Sweeney. My family is from Corinth MS. My grandfather is named Walker Reed Sweeney but nicknamed "pete" we were always told it was a family name. His father was David Sweeney. David married Arizona Butler. Davids father which would have been my Great Great grandfather was Jake Sweeney he was a preacher. Jake's second wife was named Annie. Jake's father was Bill Sweeney. We are told that he came over to help build the railroad and then returned to New York in order to go back to Ireland. No one is sure why he returned or what happened to him after he got there. We believe that Bill and Jake may have been short for William and Jacob. I desperately want to find out any information that I can on my family history. Thank you for your help.

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