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Carol Sweeney-Krouse
No. 370

Hi All You Sweeney's

I am Carol Sweeney Krouse. My father was Francis J. Sweeney and married Svea Anderson. My father's mother's maiden name was Margaret Dolan (Sweeney) I don't know her husband's name. My father had two brothers - Bob Sweeney, George Sweeney, and a sister Ethel Sweeney (Greene). My parents had 9 children - Shirley & Dorothy, both died in infancy - John, Robert, Francis, William, Barbara, Jane and Carol. We were all raised in Providence, Rhode Island. I believe my grandparents originated from Ireland. I do not know any of my cousins from my father' s side - would love to hear from someone.

Carol Sweeney-Krouse
Cathleen Amelio
No. 371

My Grandmother is Ellen Sweeney Boller and this is all I have on her family. I hope someone can help me. Thank You.

Edward McSweeney was born in Ireland.

Edward married Ellen McCarthy.

Edward McSweeney and Ellen McCarthy had the following children:

1. Daniel McSweeney was born in Inchinaugh,Ireland.
Daniel McSweeney (parents Edward McSweeney and Ellen McCarthy) was born in Inchinaugh,Ireland.

Daniel married Elizabeth Cremin (Cremeen). Elizabeth (parents Dennis Cremin and Margaret Casey) was born in Macroom,County Cork,Ireland.

Daniel McSweeney and Elizabeth Cremin (Cremeen) had the following children:

1. Edward McSweeney was born in Inchinaugh,Ireland (Inchinanagh)-Cork. He died in Ireland.

2. Abbey McSweeney died 3 Mar 1942 in New York.

3. John McSweeney was born in Inchnaught,Ireland.

4. Kate McSweeney was born in Inchinaught,Ireland.

5. Bessie McSweeney was born in Inchinaught,Ireland.

6. Margaret Agnes McSweeney was born 14 Sep 1875 in Inchinarut Near Kilgarven,County Kerry,Ireland. She died 10 May 1950 in Guilford,Conn.

7. Nelly McSweeney was born 9 Jul 1864 in Kilgarvan,Kerry,Ireland.

8. Daniel McSweeney.

Shot a game warden and fled to Australia
Edward McSweeney (parents Daniel McSweeney and Elizabeth Cremin (Cremeen)) was born in Inchinaugh,Ireland (Inchinanagh)-Cork. He died in Ireland.

Was a farmer. He walked with two canes. Him and his wife came to the United States as a young couple. Mary Sheridan Sweeney, his wife, owned and operated a laundry service in New York City. Edward drove a horse driven beer delivery truck. They contributed to the construction of St. Patrick's cathedral and was given a clock that chimmed the melody of the cathedrals (the clock sat on the porch of the homestead for years, and has since been lost). Their first child died in the US and feeling cursed they returned to Ireland. Mary his wife loved the US and reluctantly returned to Ireland with him.

Edward married Mary Sheridan. Mary (parents James Sheridan and Ellen Murray) was born 26 Sep 1866 in Legga,County Longford,Ireland.

Edward McSweeney and Mary Sheridan had the following children:

1. Ellen Albina Sweeney was born 3 May 1893 in Inchinaugh,Allohart,Kilgarven,County Kerry, Ireland. She died 17 Nov 1985 in Morris Plains,Morris,NJ.

2. Johanna Sweeney was born 29 Oct 1899 in Allohart,Kilgarven,Ireland. She died 22 Dec 1990 in Bronx,New York.

3. Mary (Molly) Sweeney was born 2 Dec 1895 in Inchinaugh,Kilgarven,County Kerry,Ireland. She died 23 Mar 1995 in Myrtle Beach,Horry,SC.

4. Daniel Sweeney was born 16 May 1898 in Kilgarven,County Kerry,Ireland. He died 29 Aug 1982 in Allohart,Kenmare,Ireland.

5. Edward (Ned) Sweeney was born in Ireland. He died 1993.

6. Margaret (Maggy) Sweeney was born in Kilgarven,County Kerry,Ireland.

7. John Sweeney.
Russell Sweeney
No. 372


My name is Russell Wayne Sweeney Jr. My father was Russell Sweeney and his fathers mane was either Harold or Russell Sweeney and thats all I know. I am from Bridgeport, Ct and I think my Grandfather lived in or outside Boston, Massachusetts, which is where I live now.

Let me know if you can link me to anyone else in your data base.

Thank you,

Eddie Sweeney
No. 373

Hi ! Is there anyone from Gortahork out there ? Please read message no 315. Can you help ? Eddie
Click Here
No. 374

I live in the USA and I'm looking for my Great Great grandfathers father. My Sweeney line is from Dungaruan, Waterford County, Ireland. My Great grand father is James Sweeney married to Mary Ruth Smyth. They leased a bar on Main Street in Dungaruan. A Catherine Ahearn was a name on the least which I believe her to be James Mother.
James and Mary's children were:
Ann Theresa married John Foley
Margaret born 1830 she Married Maurice Hackett
Nancy born about 1831
Richard born about 1832
James born Nov. 1832 came to USA and settled in Memphis, Tenn.
John married Mary ? Settled in New York was a baker.
Hugh Patrick born July 1839 settled in Eufaula, Alabama married Martha Johnson in the USA
Lional born May 1841 Twin to Maurice
Maurice born May 1841 Twin to Lional
Catherine married John Connor
Thomas born 1852

If you have any information please e-mail me. Thank you,
B. G. Ore
No. 375

I am trying to find my gmother's roots: father was John Miles Sweney and that is how he spelled his name in letters. He was born in 1807 somewhere in Pennsylvania, came to Illinois and then Kansas. He was on his way to Dennison, Texas, to get an inheritance in 1882 ( date of last letter) and died on the way, date and place unknown. Probably died on the road and was buried beside it. If anyone has any possible info please email me.
B. G. Ore, Paola, KS.
Steve Sweeney
No. 376

My name is Mr. Steven James Sweeney. My date of birth is 28.11.1971. I was born in Greenwich, London.

My Grandfather was Mr. James Sweeney born 21.10.1928 in St Olaves Hospital, Rotherhithe, London and was one of 16 children, mostly boys. He died 25.08.2001

His Father was called Mr. Dennis Peter Sweeney born 20.12.1890 died 19.01.1971 and who was married to Mrs. Catherine Sweeney born 24.03.1895 and died 14.09.1976. They both lived in London, although I am unaware whether they came from Ireland, if so it may be Cork !

Thank you for your interest and assistance.

Best regards

Steve Sweeney
Robin Weiss
No. 377

My name is Robin Weiss. My mother's maiden name was OMahoney . Her grandmother's maiden name was Catherine Sweeney born 1863 in Ireland most probably in Cork. I am moving to Cork in a few days and would like to see if I have any family still there. She married Dennis Mahoney which was probably changed from OMahoney when he came to the United States. He was born in 1859.
Susan Sweeney
No. 378

My name is Susan Sweeney

My father is Francis Joseph Sweeney born in Scotland in 1916 son of Rosemary McDonald and Myles Sweeney who died in 1917/18. Please can anyone give me any information on Myles Sweeney and in particular has anyone a photograph of my fathers, father. We are aware that Myles was born in Scotland but lost his parents at a young age. We do not know how many brothers and sisters he had, but we do know of one sister named Bridget. Any news would be greatly appreciated.
Patrick Sweeney
No. 379

My great-grand father, Patrick Henry Sweeney arrived in New York Harbor three days after President Lincoln was assassinated. He was the second born son of an Irish flower mill owner. Any information would be helpful.
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