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Sheree Sweeney
No. 270

My name is Sheree Sweeney daughter of Malcolm Sweeney and Josiphine Byrne.My grandad was Alex Sweeney who has a sister Catherine and i believe were born in Paisley his father was also Alex but that is all i know can you help?
Steve Graves
No. 271

My great-great-great grandfather was Daniel SWEENY/SWEENEY who was born in Ireland about 1825 and died in Gloucester City, NJ in 1904. The 1900 census says he immigrated to the US in 1845. He married Mary DUFFY in 1850-1852. She was born in Ireland about 1831, immigrated to US in 1850, and died in Gloucester City in 1916. My great-great grandfather was James A. SWEENEY was born in Doylestown, Bucks Co., PA in May 1853 and died in Gloucester City in April 1947. He married Josephine TAYLOR in 1876. The 1930 census shows James was widowed and living with a daughter and her family. The census said that his father (Daniel) was born in N. Ireland. I believe Daniel was a son of Henry/Harry (& Ann) SWEENY who were both born in Ireland about 1800. They both died in Gloucester City, NJ between 1870-1880.

Steve Graves
Brian Sweeney
No. 272

My home town is Hartlepool.
Family moved into the then area of West Hartlepool Around the 1880s, cant find out from were.
Best regards Brian Sweeney
Carma Swaney
No. 273

My name is Carma Swaney, I live in Ocean Shores, Wa. USA.
I am looking for the family of Alexander Swaney, born abt 1775, Kilmacrene, Donegal Ireland, died March 1845 in Crawford Co. Pa. married Sarah Anne Harkins brn 1774 in Ireland, married in 1803 in Crawford Co. Pa. (Sarah's father was Patrick Harkins)

Alexander, John, & Morgan Swaney sailed from Londonderry, Derry, Ireland on the 5th of June 1798. Due to a storm the ship lost its mast, they drifted for until a friendly vessel towed them to Philadelphia harbor. The trip took 14 weeks.

From Philadelphia harbor they traveled to North Cumberland County, then to Meadville, Cussewago Township, purchased 400 acres, returned to Cumberland Co, and picked up their families, and back to Cussewago. This was their first home since living Ireland. During this period of 2 years, Morgan was killed by a falling tree.
John & Alexander that 12 children each.

I have reached a point of searching our family, that it is time to start looking in Ireland for Alexander's family.

Any information this site might have, we would greatly appreciate.
Thank you,
Carma Swaney
Jack McMonagle
No. 274

Hello Sweeneys from Phoenix, Arizona USA.
I am trying to get information on a Nancy {or Ann} Sweeny [Or Sweeney] who married Daniel McMonagle. It seems Nancy was from Lifford, Donegal County. The nearest Parish was Port Hall Parish, about a mile away. But I'm afraid their records do not start early enough.

Her parents were:

They emigrated to the USA about 1849-1850. Their oldest child was George McMonagle who was born 8 Nov 1830. Daniel died in Ohio,USA 18 Jan 1871 at age 67. That would put his birth date at about 1804. Son George was supposedly born in County Donegal.
Not much to go on, but perhaps it will ring a bell for someone.
Thank You. Love the website
Jack McMonagle
Roberta M. Mitchell
No. 275

Looking for information on my grandfather, John Denis Sweeney (McSweeney in USA)
Arrived on Cedric to Ellis island in 1903.
Lived, worked and died in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois
He was born in Cork, Ireland and his living relatives are still there.
Roberta M. Mitchell
Patricia Webb
No. 276

I am interested in the family of my maternal grandmother (nana), Mary MacSweeney from the village of Mallow in County Cork. I emigrated to Canada as a child in 1959 and my Nana passed away in about 1963. She lived in Mallow until into her twenties, but married my grandfather Leanord Richman in about 1919 and moved to Eastern Canada briefly and then returned to England for the remainder of her life where she raised three daughters. I understand that she had several brothers & I wonder if there are descendants around.
Thanks, Patricia Webb
Mike & Mari Parratt
No. 277

Hi again,
This is from Mike & Mari Parratt from Illinois, USA. We attended the 1999 reunion and had a wonderful time, but didn't find any info on my (Mari's) ggf MILES SWEENEY. I have info on MYLES son - my gf - JOHN MILES SWEENEY, but all I have found on MYLES is on the 1870 Webster Twp, Houghton, Michigan US census that lists him as 31 years old, (b.1838-1839?) a miner, born in Ireland & a citizen of the US. This is really a brick wall!! I have no idea who his parents are, if he any siblings or where in Ireland he was born. As a matter of fact one of the men on the bus - 1999 - named him "SLIMEY MILES".
Any suggestions on where to look next would be most appreciated. Another trip to Ireland would also be fantastic, but must save our pennies before that can happen again.
Thanks for the help.
Mike & Mari Parratt
Andrew Sweeney
No. 278

G'day, I am searching for information on Michael Sweeney borne circa 1816 in Limerick. I know that he was transported as a convict to Tasmania (of which my records are detailed and quite accurate). I need information about his brothers Bryan, John, Daniel and sister Margaret. His mother's name is Mary? and I do not have his mother's surname to trace back any further (which I also need). I do not have a fathers name (no record). I need some names to further my research into the period before 1816, hence I am desperate for any information concerning this Michael Sweeney, particularly the parent family names and history before he was transported as a convict to Australia. Any help please (big plea). Thank you Andrew Sweeney (Tasmania, Australia)
Linford Sweeney
No. 279

I was born in Jamaica, but I have been living in England for the past 38 years. There is a place in Clarendon, Jamaica which is called Sweeney and it is where my great-great grandfather (John Sweeney and his wife Ann Lloyd) settled in the 1800s. They had four sons: Joseph, Joshua, William and "King" (or Jocelyn). I am researching the family tree and currently have over 300 names of Sweeneys having a connection with Jamaica, many of whom are now residing in the UK or the USA.

Is there anyone out there who can help me find the link between Jamaica (or the Caribbean) and Ireland?

Linford Sweeney
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