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Ian Sweeney
No. 240

My Name is Ian Sweeney I was born in Glasgow in 1972 and brought up in Irvine. My fathers name is Patrick Sweeney he too was born in glasgow but his father was born in ireland. he die when I was very young I think his mane was james sweeney. Sorry more info I dont have

( I am now living in Germany)

Dan Sweeney
No. 241

My name is Daniel M. Sweeney, From Mandan, North Dakota, USA

My first generation that came from County Donnegal was in the early 1800's. Two brothers and two sisters came and settled first in Pennsylvania. Then to Perry Co. Ohio, Then to Glouster, Ohio to work in the coal mines.
James Sweeney
John Sweeney b.1803 Donnegal, Ireland-Claudendock Parish. Married Mary Shields. Died July 11, 1870.
Buried in St Joseph,s Cemetary-Perry County Ohio. My Gr.Gr. Gr. Grandfather.
Grace Sweeney
Ellen Sweeney

John Sweeney had a son Joseph Sweeney b.1844 d.1919 m.Nancy Hillyer
Joseph's son, John b.1874 d.1945. m. Mina Ellen Wagner
Son-Reuben, b.1902 d.1966 m. Valeria Martin
Son-James, b.1930 d.1998 m. Nancy Green
Son-Daniel M. (myself) b.1954 m. Robbin Harmon

Does anyone know where Claudendock Parish is?
Dan Sweeney

Cathy Amelio
No. 242

My grandmother Ellen (Ellie) Sheridan Sweeney Boller was born in Allohart, Kilgarven, County Kerry Ireland on May 3, 1893, she immigrated to the US April 24, 1911 to her Uncle Peter Sheridan New York City. I am looking for the Sheridan side of my family. My GGrandmother was Mary Sheridan Sweeney she married Edward Sweeney (McSweeney) from Inchinaught, Cork, Ireland. This is all I know. If anyone could help I would be so greatful

Cathy Amelio

Norma Vest Sluder
No. 243

My name is Norma Vest Sluder, from Mississippi. I am trying to find out about my sister's father. EVERETT LEE SWEENEY, of Evansville, Ind. Everett was married to our mother RUBY HELEN FORK and of this marriage there were three living children. WANDA LEE SWEENEY, B: 11 Jan. 1926?, JOSEPH MALFORD SWEENEY, B: 21 March 1928, MARY JUNE SWEENEY, B: 28 June 1931. All were born in Evansville. He was still alive in 1960 when Wanda died. Until her death, she use to go to Ind. to stay with him sometimes. I have been led to believe that his mother's name was MARY SWEENEY. There is also a connection to some SWEENEYS in New York, but don't know any names.
I believe there are still some of his kin living in Evansville. I would appreciate any help on finding out about Everett and his parents, ect. for my sister June.
My mother divorced Everett when June was about 2 yrs. old and moved to Mississippi. Everett remained in Evansville, till his death.
Thank you

Michael C. Sweeney
No. 244

Good Day,
My name is Michael C. Sweeney and I live in western New York, in the finger lakes area. I was raised in St. Lawrence County, being the son of a Canadian who moved to the States after the war. I have been searching my roots in Canada. My fathers people came from the Prescott and Edwardsbugh, which is on the St. Lawrence River. I do remember my great-grandfather, Wesley, he was born in 1868. I understand his father was named Allan, but where he came from is a mystery. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Michael.

Debra Plant
No. 245

My name is Debra Plant, I live in Utah. I am looking for my ancestor Margaret Jane Sweeney.
Margaret married David Washington George on August 31, 1848 in Decatur Co. Indiana, she was the Daughter of William Swinney (note the name change) and Nancy Miller. Margaret was born on December 24, 1830, in Mercer County, West Virginia, she died on November 20, 1898 just 5 days after her husband David Washington George. I do know that they lived in Iowa after their marriage. Any help would be appreciated .
Thanks so much,

Kathleen Elizabeth Griggs
No. 246

Kathleen Elizabeth (Sweeney) Griggs (Kathy)
Born: Baltimore, Maryland, 1959
Live in Street, Maryland with husband James Joseph Griggs and 2 children.
Brother: Thomas Patrick Sweeney, born 1962, married 2 children

Looking for Sweeney info, relatives, history, etc., as I hope to travel to Ireland in near future. Would like to find any relatives in County Mayo or here in the states, to learn about the Sweeney family.

My Father: Thomas Aquinas Sweeney, b. 4-16-1925, Baltimore, Maryland d. 9-5-1991, Baltimore, Maryland, married Lelar Gilbert, b. 7-13-1927, Spartenburg, SC, d. 7-21-1983(my mother)
Siblings: Peggy, b. 2-5-1930, only sibling still alive, Annie, Patrick Emmett and Jack (John) are deceased.

Son of :
Patrick Ignatius Sweeney, b. County Mayo, d. 1962 approx 80 years old, Baltimore, Maryland (my grandfather)
Mother: Peggy, Father: Patrick
1 sister; Bessie Sweeney, never married.
No other info


Sara(h) Brogan Sweeney, b. 2-14-1890, County Mayo d. 3-31-1980, Baltimore, Maryland (my grandmother)
Mother: Ann (Clarke) Brogan Father: Patrick Bogan
Sister: Bessie married Martin Quinn
Children: Mary Frances, Pat, Martin, Jimmy
Sister: Mary married John Dulaney
Children: Johnny, Joseph, Bessie, Loretta, Margaret
Sister: Katie married Willie Erskin
Children: Helen, Emily, Joseph, William, Albert, Alfred
Sister: Margaret,(Maggie) never married, twin
Sister: ?, twin, died of brain tumor
Brother: John married Anna, moved to Scotland
Brother: James, never married
Brother: Patrick married Mary Burke
Children: MaryEllen, Patrick, Jr., Joseph, 1 other child
Sister: Ellen married John Clark, stayed in County Mayo, and lived in family home
Children: Nellie, Sara, ?

Cecilia Gilmore
No. 247

My name is Cecilia Gilmore. I live in the state of Delaware USA and I'm seeking information about my great grand parents Cornelius and Mary Sweeny.

Family History
Cornelius(Neal) Sween(e)y
Born in Scotland about 1810
Married Mary Hiskins born in England about 1807
Living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA in 1860

Had three children
Annie, Sarah and Cecilia born in 1860- my grandmother
Cecilia married Francis(Frank)Kelly in 1879
The Names of Their Children
Mary Ann

Mary Sweeny died in 1883 in Philadelphia
Neal Sweeny died in 1895 in Philadelphia

Not much information but I keep hoping.I would really enjoy hearing from some one who might know these Sweenys.
Thank you

Carly Coonan
No. 248

Hi my name is Carly (Sweeney) Coonan, I am from Brisbane Australia and I am trying to get more information on my Sweeney roots. This is what I know: I am in the 7th generation, it all started with P.H. Sweeney who married a Nora Cronin. We don't know their birth dates, what the P.H. stands for, where they lived or when they died. We do know they had a son called Cornelius Sweeney who was born in 1831 in Macroon. We don't know if there were more children. Cornelius married a Bessie Donahoe on the 24.01.1856. She was born in 1836 in Killarney. Exact birth dates are unknown. We don't know how many children they had but they had one Michael Sweeney on 22.03.1858. He married Eliza Fisher and they lived in the Sth Gippsland region of Victoria Australia. We are unsure if Michael and Eliza migrated to Australia or if they were born here. Michael and Eliza had 9 children and Eliza also had a daughter from a previous marriage called Anne. The other children were:

Nora Carr 13.07.1882
Mary Rothwell 22.10.1884
Daniel Sweeney 18.12.1886 - had 1 son called Billy
Tot Davis DOB ?
Stella? DoB?
Margaret Brain DOB?
William Sweeney 06.10.1893 - 1 daughter Fay
Ilene (Ellen) 14.03.1895- later married cousin Jack Sweeney
Michael Sweeney 19 or 22.07.1897

Michael my Great grandpa married Elsie Mae Black and had 3 children in Gippsland Victoria:
Molly(dec'd) who married Geoff Collins
Joan who married Don White
Terrance James Sweeney 15.07.1923 (dec'd)

Terrance my grandpa married Pauline Mary O'Connor and had 6 children:
Michael Anthony Sweeney 10.12.1949 (Queensland)
Gary Patrick Sweeney 09.09.1951(Queensland)
Patricia Mary Coonan 19.10.1953 (Queensland)
Katherine Maree Jones 21.06.1959 (Victoria)
Jillian Therese Sweeney 21.10.1961(Victoria)
Donna Frances Lucia Sweeney 28.05.1969 (Victoria)

The 7th generation
Michael married Helen Backhouse, there children are
Rebecca Kate Sweeney
Michael Anthony Sweeney Jr.
Daniel Sweeney

Patricia married Grgory John Coonan and had
Shane Kelly Coonan
Carly Marie Coonan
Bernetta Elise Coonan
Daniel Patrick Coonan

Katherine married Andrew Jones, there children are
Matthew Joseph Jones
Brendan Cain Jones
Samuel ? Jones
Patrick ? Jones

Carly Coonan

Leo J. Sweeney
No. 249

Dear Clan Members:

My grandparents all came from County Cork during the famine time in the 1800's. Daniel Mac Sweeney was my grandfather on my father's side. His wife, my grandmother, was an O'Hearne though I never knew her first name.

They came to the Midwest area of the United States and most likely would involved in farming. They had four or five children including my father Barney Sweeney.

Hopefully this meager bit of information may be of use.

Leo J. Sweeney
Kansas City MO 64110

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