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No. 190

Hello! my name is Dolores, I was born in Scotland. my grandfathers name was Dominick Sweeney born 1888 he had a brother William Sweeney. They were born in Glenties Donegal. area Meenanarawa. his fathers name was James Sweeney and he married Bridget Ward Dominick left Ireland and William remained. William married a Mary mcGlynn. her fathers name was Peter. I always thought her name was Lynch? does this ring a bell to anyone? maybe her daughter Mary who was a school teacher in Mayo married a Lynch. Thank you so much. Dolores

Karen Clinton
No. 191

I am looking for more information on Peter Hugh Sweeney b. 1799 Ireland m. Hannah b. bet. 1800-1805 in Ireland. Moved to Whitewater, Walworth County, Wisconsin bet. 1836-1857.

Peter Hugh Sweeney b. 1832 Ireland m. Theresa Cassarley d. 1917 in Whitewater, Walworth Co., Wisconsin
John Sweeney b. 1835 Ireland
Ann Sweeney b. 1836 Ireland m. John Clinton d. Chicago, Cook Co., IL

Karen Clinton
Sacramento, CA USA

Eric Dubois-Millot
No. 192


Arround 1855 an "Alice Mac SWINEY" married "Ernest des VALLIERES" in France.
She had 3 sisters : Mary, Lily & Kathleen.

"Ernest" father name was "Suplice des VALLIERES" born in 1790 in France and Mayor of "Ville d'Avray" a city near Paris.
"Ernest" mother name was "Jeanne Barthelemy de Caylus".

It is said in my family oral transmission, that "Alice" and her 3 sisters were political refugees, while the "men" were figthing home against the english.

Because all the "des Vallières" family was said noble and always found important to married spouse of their condition, I can guess that my ancestor "Alice Mac SWINEY" was also noble or supposed to.
Noble means leaving in a castle or in a huge manor.

Do any one have a clue to a family link in Ireland.

Alice & Ernest son was "Général Pierre des VALLIERES" killed in 1918 at the "Chemin-des-dames" WWI battle.

Pierre is my gr-grand-father.

Thank for any help

Eric Dubois-Millot ( France - French west-indies )

Carly (Sweeney) Coonan
No. 193

Hi! my name is Carly (Sweeney) Coonan, I am from Brisbane Australia and I am trying to get more information on my Sweeney roots. This is what I know: I am in the 7th generation, it all started with P.H. Sweeney who married a Nora Cronin. We don't know their birth dates, what the P.H. stands for, where they lived or when they died. We do know they had a son called Cornelius Sweeney who was born in 1831 in Macroon(Macroom?0. We don't know if there were more children. Cornelius married a Bessie Donahoe on the 24.01.1856. She was born in 1836 in Killarney. Exact birth dates are unknown. We don't know how many children they had but they had one Michael Sweeney on 22.03.1858. He married Eliza Fisher and they lived in the Sth Gippsland region of Victoria Australia. We are unsure if Michael and Eliza migrated to Australia or if they were born here. Michael and Eliza had 9 children and Eliza also had a daughter from a previous marriage called Anne. The other children were:

Nora Carr 13.07.1882
Mary Rothwell 22.10.1884
Daniel Sweeney 18.12.1886 - had 1 son called Billy
Tot Davis DOB ?
Stella? DoB?
Margaret Brain DOB?
William Sweeney 06.10.1893 - 1 daughter Fay
Ilene (Ellen) 14.03.1895- later married cousin Jack Sweeney
Michael Sweeney 19 or 22.07.1897

Michael my Great grandpa married Elsie Mae Black and had 3 children in Sth
Molly(dec'd) who married Geoff Collins
Joan who married Don White
Terrance James Sweeney 15.07.1923 (dec'd)

Terrance my grandpa married Pauline Mary O'Connor and had 6 children all in
Yarram Victoria:

Michael Anthony Sweeney 10.12.1949 (Queensland)
Gary Patrick Sweeney 09.09.1951 (Queensland)
Patricia Mary Coonan 19.10.1953 (Queensland)
Katherine Maree Jones 21.06.1959 (Victoria)
Jillian Therese Sweeney 21.10.1961 (Victoria)
Donna Frances Lucia Sweeney 28.05.1969 (Victoria)

The 7th generation

Michael married Helen Backhouse (06.03.?) their children are:
Rebecca Kate Sweeney
Michael Anthony Sweeney Jr.
Daniel Sweeney
Patricia married Gregory John Coonan and their children are:

Shane Kelly Coonan
Carly Marie Coonan
Bernetta Elise Coonan
Daniel Patrick Coonan
Katherine married Andrew Jones(06.03.?) their children are:
Matthew Joseph Jones
Brendan Cain Jones
Samuel ? Jones
Patrick ? Jones
If you can help fill in any of the earlier unkowns it would be greatly appreciated and I also hope that my information may have helped some of the other Sweeney's around the globe
Thank you Carly Coonan

Matthew Thomas Sweeney
No. 194

My name is Matthew Thomas Sweeney I live in South Wales uk.
My father is Kevin Thomas Sweeney my grand father is Simon Domonic Sweeney and his father Thomas Sweeney
Thomas Sweeney lived in Adamstown Co Wexford until he moved to Wales
his father was named Flur Sweeney and his wife was Mary Sweeney (Mary Daley before marriage.)
Thats all that I know but really would like to find out more.

Angela Bartels
No. 195

My name is Angela Bartels. I currently live in California and am searching for information on my Greatgrandparents, Thomas Sweeney (born 1860) and Ellen Quirke Sweeney (born 1878) of Fanlehane Townland (Castlemahon Parish) Limerick, Ireland. They had 10 children: Catherine ( married name Reidy), Delia (Holmes), Joan (Leahy), Ita, Ann (Phelan), Michael, William, Molly(O'Connell), Ellen (Buckley) and Elizabeth. I believe all remained in Ireland.


J. Mark Sweeney
No. 196

Hello, my name is Mark Sweeney and I live in Virginia, USA.
My family are from Birkenhead England, my father William 'George' Sweeney(b.1917) was a welder as was his before him. Prior to that the story goes my great grandfather came over from Ireland to England, his name was Kemp and according to family legend he was known as 'mad Kemp'. I'd like to hear from anyone who has any information on any of my family, particularly as we named our 2 year old son..... Kemp.


J. Mark Sweeney
Reston, VA.

Karen Sharkey
No. 197

Hello there.

My name is Karen Sharkey from Havre de Grace, Maryland USA (yes I married a good Irish boy from Donegal, the accent!)

My Sweeney connection is from my mother, her maiden name is Sweeney. Her Grandfather was a 1st generation U.S. citizen born in the latter part of the 19th century I believe. His name was Dennis Sweeney, lived in Bayonne New Jersey where he was a big Irish cop during the Depression with 4 kids... Bernard Dennis, Jeanette, Mary, and Grace and his wife. His father was a Sweeney from Donegal and his mum was of the Smalley clan of Cork. If any of this sounds familiar...please contact me... i would love to get in contact with more of my Irish family.
Thank you.

George Patrick Sweeney/Farragher
No. 198

My Name is George Patrick Sweeney/Farragher.
I presently live in Medina Ohio near Cleveland Ohio USA
My father is from Sharon PA and like his father was a Plumber. His mother's maiden name was Ohare or Ohara. Both my father and my grandfather suffered consequences from WWI (GF) and WWII (F). My uncle was Wlliam (Bill) Sweeney a carreer US Navy veteran. My other uncles and aunts on the Sweeney side were Howard and Peg Sweeney. The farragher unlces and aunts were George Farragher, John Farragher and Rosemary Farragher. I do not know of my other Sweeney relatives and would appreciate any information on the clan.

Joe Sweeney
No. 199

Looking for information on Martin Sweeney. I find no listing of him entering the U.S.
If any one has information on this I would appreciate seeing it.

Martin Sweeney had Red Hair,
Had brothers Pat and John and more.
Martin Sweeney, From County Galway, City Octarared ? Sailed from Galway City.
Born 1862 in Ireland. Died 1924 in Philadelphia at age 64.
Married Margaret(Marguerite) Dunn, of Killkenny Born 1869 died 1917 in Phila. at age 48.

1. John Aloysius my Grandfather
2. Joseph
3. George
4. Francis
5. Arthur
6. Marguerite
7. Lillian
8. Agnes
9. Eleanor
10. Anna
11. Katherine or Kathleen died in the plague. or of Pneumonia

Martin's Story of coming to America: Martins Family raised jumping horses for the steeple chase. The British land owner wanted to take possession of a particular house. Martin said he would rather shoot the horse first than giving it to the landowner. Before the landowner returned to claim the horse, Martin shot the horse, sold his property and moved the family to Philadelphia.
Owned a "Segar" & Bicycle shop at 326 N, 21st street and Summer St. Around the Cathedral or Franklin Institute, in Philadelphia.

One brother killed in the Boxer Rebellion in China. (I don't know which one.) Boxers were a Chinese secret society, which practiced ritualistic tradition Chinese posture boxing, supposed to make them immune to bullets and swords. In 1900 they attacked foreigners and native Chinese Christians and besieged the legations at Peking until an international expeditionary force raised the siege.

Pat's Story: Pat (the brother of Martin) steals a small sack of gold coins from the Sweeney house in Ireland, Takes a horse, rides to the nearest port and signs on to a ship bound for Paris. Spends all the money. Turns up 20 or 30 years later at the Sweeney House in Philadelphia. He is welcomed back as if nothing happened. My father remembers him singing: (remember boy your Irish born on Irish soil, your father was a Kelly your mother was a Doyle.....)

The Plague or influenza epidemic of 1918 in Philadelphia: The plague killed half the children, all were buried in a mass grave. Martin wanted a proper burial for the children. But needed money to exhume them. Now, an aunt who favored (John A. Martin's son) left him property to be given to him when he was 21 years old. In order to get money, Martin sold his shop and had a lawyer open the trust of John A. to use the money to give the children a proper burial. When Martin died he left all of his property and money to John A. to repay him for using the trust money to bury the children. John A. brothers and sisters were very upset at this. John A. split the money equally among the others. There was very little left. Some of the family broke away and never returned. Because of this situation John A. did not leave a will when he died.

This is the story as I know it and whether it is all true or not, I cannot say. What I can say is "'Tis a poor piece of cloth that can't stand a little embroidery."
Anyone with information on this please contact.
Joe Sweeney

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