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Received Messages

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Dick Whitney
No. 180

A Nancy Sweeney married a James Ferriter abt 1840s I beleive in Ireland. Nancy died in in Boston Ma USA on 2/19/1853. Parents were John & Elizebeth Sweeney Any info would be appreciated Thank you Dick Whitney.
I live in NJ USA

MC Unger
No. 181

Hi, Looking for info on Charles Patrick Sweeney Sr. b: 15 march 1844 Donegal County Ireland, d: 28 Mar 1922 sp: Mary O'Brien This is my greatgrandparents
Thank you for any help. MC Unger

John D. Swaney
No. 182

Hi Sweeney clan,

I am JOHN D. SWANEY. My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandparents are JOHN & BRIDGET SWEENEY (SWANEY) from the COUNTY DONEGAL, IRELAND.

They Came to the USA in 1798 and settled in CROSSINGVILLE, PA. Their son JOHN SWANEY moved to MICHIGAN and settled in OLD MISSION, MI. Many of the following generations, including mine, lived in the TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN area.
I presently live outside GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN in the small city of ROCKFORD

I would enjoy hearing from anyone who is a part of this branch of the family tree. Those who live in MICHIGAN and PENNSYLVANIA are of special interest for me to possibly talk with or even visit with at some point in the future.

Best wishes to all.

Joan Crouch
No. 183

I am looking for anyone who has any connections with the following family. I am the great granddaughter of Timothy but have not managed to trace any connections at all.
Descendants of Timothy McSweeney

1 McSweeney, Timothy b: 1834 in Ireland married Roche, Hannah b: 1834 in Ireland on September 15, 1857 in Catholic Church of the most Holy Trinity, Dockhead, Bermondsey

2 McSweeney, Catherine b: September 13, 1858 in Bermondsey

2 McSweeney, Margot/Mary Ann b: December 31, 1859 in Bermondsey

2 McSweeney, Hannah/Anna b: July 20, 1861 in Bermondsey

2 McSweeney, Jane b: April 17, 1863 in Bermondsey

2 McSweeney, Theresa b: November 23, 1864 in Bermondsey

2 McSweeney, Agnes Theresa b: November 9, 1866 in Bermondsey

2 McSweeney, William Edmund b: July 5, 1868 in 4 Paulin Place, Bermondsey, Surrey (sub district St. Mary Magdalen) d: September 22, 1938 in St. Alfages Hospital, Greenwich district married Connor, Adeline Augusta b: August 20, 1867 in 19 Chilton Street, Rotherhithe, London m: September 11, 1893 in Register Office, Poplar, London d: February 9, 1960

3 McSweeney, Adeleine Emily b: May 31, 1894 in 14 Ravensdon Street, Lambeth, London d: August 1, 1984 in R H C H, Winchester, Hampshire married Simmons, Arthur Neville b: May 25, 1888 in 8 Edinburgh Road, Angel Road, Edmonton, London m: August 5, 1916 in St. James, Hatcham, London d: April 3, 1966 in Leatherhead Hospital, Surrey

3 McSweeney, Lillian Eva b: July 3, 1898 in Greenwich d: February 28, 1977 in Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury, Kent married Thompson, John Alder b: April 28, 1898 in Rotherhithe, London m: 1921 d: October 11, 1973 in Herne Bay Hospital, Herne Bay, Kent

3 McSweeney, Kathleen Adelaide b: 1900 in Greenwich d: December 23, 1990 in Ilfracombe, North Devon married Drury, Samuel Owen m: August 3, 1924

3 McSweeney, William b: Abt. 1901 d: Abt. 1977 in Aged 76 married Catlow, Marion b: Abt. 1904 d: 1993 in Aged 89

3 McSweeney, Leonard b: Bef. 1906 d: Unknown in As an infant

3 McSweeney, Teresa b: Aft. 1906

3 McSweeney, Nellie Mary b: November 20, 1906 d: February 2, 1982 married Lamb, James Frederick b: March 10, 1906 in 77 Newington Butts, Newington, Southwark, London m: April 30, 1933 in Parish Church of St. James, Hatcham, London d: June 8, 1959 in St. Thomas Hospital, Lambeth

2 McSweeney, Emily Maria b: November 2, 1869 unknown husband and both sons became Catholic priests so should not have produced any offspring!

2 McSweeney, Edmund Francis b: October 4, 1871 - remained a bachelor

2 McSweeney, Ellen b: January 6, 1876

Here's hoping........

Joan Crouch - Hampshire U.K.

Jim Keck
No. 184

My Sweeney line is traceable back to Fanad, Co. Donnegal. Here is some of our data:
1. Walter Macloughlin MacSweeney, (abt 1600-1690)
2. Loughlainn (Leath) MacSweeney, (abt 1620-1668)
3. Loughlin Garve MacSweeney, (abt 1645-1753)
4. Manus Duff MacSweeney, (abt 1666-1790)
5. Laoughlin MacSweeney, (abt 1706-1820)
6. John Neal MacSweeney, Sr., 1757-1838

6. John Neal Sweeney, Sr. was born in Ballycroy, Co. Mayo in 1757. No data on his first wife and their four children in Ireland. Tradition says that he remarried (both wives’ names are unknown) after his first wife died, left his four children from his first marriage in Ireland and came to the US in 1792 at age 35. He died in the US in 1838. His children by second marriage were:
Sara Eleanor
John Neal, Jr.


30th Oct 1882

Sons: Neal, James, & Edward
Mary Ann GIBSON (1818-1899)
John & Mary Ann had nine children:
1. William
2. May Ann
3. James Neal
4. Edward S.
5. John
6. Sarah Jane
7. Charles
8. Joseph
9. Thomas
aft 1927
Arilla BRYON

Permelia EWING, Jennie EWING
died in Civil War

Andrew J. Keck

Almyra HUNT
This immigrant line lived in PA, OH, and KS. Hope to share info on this line.
Jim Keck, Burlington, NC

Derek Reginald Sweny
No. 185

I am looking for anyone who can help put together the any of the missing links.
My name is Derek Reginald SWENY born Dublin 31/5/49. My late father was Reginald Frederick SWENY he had several brothers George, Charlie, Cecil to mention a few but they spelt their surname Sweeny.
My father lived at 1 Lincoln Place Dublin Ireland which was a chemist shop owned by his father, the shop is still there and has the name SWENY is over the door.
The Sweny family were Church of Ireland but I know that several members of the family married RC partners and that over the years the name changed to Sweeny or Sweney.
My father told me that many years ago that he had traced the family line back to The Vikings etc, and when I was in Norway (1972) I met many families Swen Swenvic Swensun.

If there is anyone out there who can help or maybe I can fill in bits please Email me'
Yours Derek

Gary Thoenen
No. 186

Looking for the parents (and _their_ parents, etc.) of my great grandmother, nee Sarah C. Sweeney. She was born in Wheeling, WV (then Virginia) Oct. 3., 1839. Married Joshua Russell, of Sistersville, WV, and she died there Aug 2, 1891.

Gardner Thoenen - Bourne, MA

David Swiney
No. 187

Hello i am from the branch of Swineys that came over before the potato famine.
I have been able to trace my tree back to Edward Swiney born in North Carolina in 1815 and hwe latered moved to west virginia which at the time was virginia. But in 1957 my part of the swiney clan moved to Ohio. Where my branch of the clan currently live. i am looking for Edward's father or maybe went my part of the clan came to America.
David Swiney

Click Here
No. 188

I was told a tradition that my name was orginally was Swinhey or Sweeney . According to the tradition .Some of my family was killed in ? And two escaped to the U.S. (Penn) in the 18 th century .Another was killed? And my great-great -great Grandfather travelled down Boone's trail and some German By the name of Miller told him to take the name of Swinehart and he wouldn't be found . On my grandfather who died in1926.It spelt his Swinieheart. I was told by a cousin the real name and changed name is record. I have not found it in 30 years of looking .Since I've had by-pass's I may be running out of time. But who Knows?

Jacqueline Landry Hoag
No. 189

I have been searching for my Grandfather Mike McSweeney, marriend to Ann Hamilton, he was born January 1,1809 in Ireland... Letter Kenny, Donegal Co. Came to Canada in1830 and Died Feb.1, 1889
I am deadlocked at him I can't seem to find his parents, G'parents etc.
Could you point me in the right direction for finding that information? Thank you,
Sincerely, Jacqueline Landry Hoag

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