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Andrew Sweeney
No. 170

G'day, looking for information on Mick Swiney(Irish convict database) Michael Sweeny (Tasmanian convict record) borne by mother Mary circa 1819 in County Cork Ireland, Roman Catholic, brothers Bryan, John, Daniel and Margaret. Records from St. Finbarr's(south) Church Dunbar St.Cork suggest a MichaelSwiney born 12th Dec. 1822 to Timothy Swiney and Jane Shea is a possible Michael Sweeney, can anyony assist? thanks Andrew.

Lorraine Slater
No. 171

my name is lorraine slater and i am looking for any information on my family my grandmother was kate sweeney who married my grandfather daniel sullivan in scotland in 1904 the witnesses were patrick moriarty and bessie sullivan , my great grandparents were timothy sweeney who was a farmer andmary sweeney nee murphy i would be grateful if anyone out there knows anything at all about where they were from or any other information , only their names i know

Elizabeth Frances Sweeney
No. 172

My name is Elizabeth Frances Sweeney and am currently living in Stamford Lincolnshire England.
I am looking to find relatives in Donegal. My father is Charles Frances Sweeney, son of Micheal Sweeney who was in the Irish Guards in WW2. My grandfather was part of a large family in Donegal and I remember he had a brother called Paddy, and a nephew called Frances. Micheal left Ireland to becone a Policeman before the war.I believe the family had a farm.
My parents divorced when I was small and we did not keep in touch with the Irish side of the family after my grandfathers death. He was a prisoner of war after Dunkirk and was released after the war. Laterly he was a Chelsea Pensioner.
I would be really interested to find out about his roots and if there are any members of his family still in Donegal.
Many Thanks

Louella (Sweeney) Peluso
No. 173

I'm researching information on Hugh Sweeney arrived in USA in1 1828 from Ireland. He married Mary McKuen (sp.). They lived in Philadelphia and had four children that I know of. Their children were Margaret, Rachael, Edward Joseph and Thomas. If you can help me figure out which Hugh and Mary they are please e-mail me.
Thank you,
Louella (Sweeney) Peluso

Julie R. Reeve
No. 174

Any information relevant to this would be helpful!!! All I have is a Certificate of Baptism of my grandfather, Frederick Joseph Reeve (born 7/21/1912, later went by Fred Reeve died in 1983 in North Carolina). Baptism was in Brooklyn, NY at St Joseph's Church on 8/04/1912. His parents are listed as Frederick Reeve and Anna Sweeney, both supposedly immigrated from Ireland. I'm Anna Sweeney's great-granddaughter.
Other info listed:
Rev J.W. Sweeney
witnesses: Peter Mauss and Helen Murphy (Marphy?)
Julie Reeve

Cynthia Berry
No. 175

my name is Cindy ggranddaughter of Samuel Jefferson Swiney, he was born in Tenn.and married Etta Rowena McMillon.They moved to Milford, Elis County Texas where they had four boys, Artie, Earney, Floyd, and Leonard.
Sam and Etta both died and were burried in Ellis County Texas. any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from Georgia

David John Sweeney
No. 176

I am David John Sweeney, son of Francis Sweeney who was born in Letterkenny on either March 28th or December 28th 1920. My Grandmother was Margaret McDermot. My father lived in Ireland for a while and then was raised in Glasgow. I was born and brought up in Epsom, England but live in the USA at the moment. If anyone has come across my father's name please contact me.

Derek Sweny
No. 177

I am looking for anyone who can help put together the any of the missing links.
My name is Derek Reginald SWENY born Dublin 31/5/49. My late father was Reginald Frederick SWENY he had several brothers George, Charlie, Cecil to mention a few but they spelt their surname Sweeny.
My father lived at 1 Lincoln Place Dublin Ireland which was a chemist shop owned by his father, the shop is still there and has the name SWENY is over the door.
The Sweny family were Church of Ireland but I know that several members of the family married RC partners and that over the years the name changed to Sweeny or Sweney.
My father told me that many years ago that he had traced the family line back to The Vikings etc, and when I was in Norway (1972) I met many families Swen Swenvic Swensun.

If there is anyone out there who can help or maybe I can fill in bits please Email me'
Yours Derek

Karen McGoldrick
No. 178

Hello Sweenys!! Sweenys!! Swinnys!! ETC ETC ETC!!!
I am at a complete standstill. I have hit the Sweeney brickwall. I do not have a lot of information but I am hopefull that someone will recognize someone here. : )

****Marriage and baptism info on numerous Sweeneys is at end of message*****
Ok so I am looking desparately for any information on an Ellen Sweeny/Sweeny. She was my ggg grandmother. My thinking is that she was from the Philadelphia area but perhaps was born in Ireland or even now I find maybe Scotland. Certainly if she was born in the USA her folks were from Ireland or Scotland. And who knows...Ellen may have been her middle name. Sigh.
It is believed she was born in 1785. I have her death as 1/3/1860 and she is buried at Old St. Mary's in Philadelphia. The actual land there belongs to Holy Trinity.
Ellen married Owen Meany approx 1810-1812.
It is believed she had a brother Huge but I'm not sure.
There are a lot of Sweeneys from the Philadelphia, Pa. area I am VERY interested in finding out more about. If ANYHTING rings a bell that might help piece together who is related to who I sure would be a happy camper.
I have just been given the followoing information. The following are Sweeney marriages that took place at St. Joseph's Church in Phila. Hey...maybe this will help you too!
John Sweeney and Mary Begley Married 5/6/1793. Witness Hugh Sweeney
Thomas Sweeney and Sarah Gallagher. MArried 2/4/1798
Hugh McGrady and Margaret Sweeney. Married 9/4/1811. Witness Owen Meiny ( Meany).
****Am hoping/thinking that Margaret was Ellen Sweeney's sister******
Edward Agnew and Margaret Sweeney. Married 4/7/1831
The following are Sweeney baptisms that took place at St. Joe's.
The dates are the baptism dates.
7/26/1803 Thomas Sweeney. Prents: Thomas Sweeney and Sarah Gallagher
7/26/1803 William Sweeney. Parents: Thomas Sweeney and Sarah Gallagher
8/11/1803 Dennis Sweeney. Parents: Dennis Sweeney and Giles Boyle. ( Birthdate was 7/15/1803
1/4/1805 Hugh Sweeney, Parents: Edward Sweeney and Anna. ( Birthdate was 1/2/1805)
12/28/1806 Hugh Sweeney. Parents : Hugh Sweeney and Eleanor Boyle.( Birthdate was 12/13/1806)
10/11/1809 Hugh Jame Sweeney. Parents Edward Sweeney and Mary. Hugh was born 8/19/1804 in New York.
10/11/1808 Mary Sweeney. Born in New York 10/4/1806. Sponser was Eliza Sweeney.
11/7/1809 John Sweeney. Parents: John Sweeney and Margaret Clancy. John was born 5/26/1809 in New Jersey.

Please contact me with anthing that might be of help. THANK YOU!

Kati McSweeney
No. 179


John McSweeney, age 34 (birth year 1836 or 1837), Farm Laborer, born in Ireland
Hannah (nee?) McSweeney, age 33 (birth year 1837 or 1838), Keeping House, born in Ireland
Their children:
Kate, age 11 (birth year 1859 or 1860), at school, born in Michigan
Willie, age 6 (birth year 1864 or 1865), at school, born in Michigan
Eugene, age 3 (birth year 1867 or 1868), born in Michigan
Minnie, age 2 (birth year 1868 or 1969), born in Michigan
Fannie, age 1/12 (born May 1870), born in Michigan

I'm looking for ancestors of John and Hannah McSweeney, my Great-Great-Great-Grandparents. I have traced them to the 1870 census in Michigan. The census states they were both born in Ireland and their eldest daughter Kate was born in Michigan, USA in either 1859 or 1860. I don't know if they were married prior to coming to the States or not. My GGGGMother Hannah did return to Ireland to see her elderly, dying mother who was not able to emigrate with the rest of the family and while Hannah was there she gave birth to a son who is not mentioned in 1870. Upon Hannah's return to the States it was just as her husband John was dying unexpectedly. I don't have any information after the 1870 census until my Great-Grandfather John Edmund McSweeney (whose father would have been Willie, Eugene, the son born in Ireland, or any children born after Fannie in 1870) . I know John Edmund's mother's name was Hannah just like his Grandmother. Hannah the II had John Edmund, Lizzie Jane, Mary Ann, and Hannah (d. about 13 years of age). My GGFather John E. married Bertie LeClare, a French Canadian. Their only child, my Grandfather Eugene Clare McSweeney was b. 18 Feb 1904 d. 29 Dec 1965. Eugene the II married my Grandmother Hazel Violet Murdock and they had two sons. My Father, Douglas Clare McSweeney b. 31 Oct 1923 d. 13 Nov 1981 and John Dryden McSweeney b. ? 1924 d. 1970's. Only my Grandmother Hazel is alive at age 94. I didn't know any McSweeney's older than my Grandparents. I have 3 older sisters and 2 younger brothers and Uncle Jack had a boy and girl. Out of this generation of 8 cousins, there are a dozen offspring, and they are now starting their families (last count at 3). I'm 46 and disabled by a rheumatic disease called fibromyalgia. Any help would be greatly appreciated. God bless all here. Kati McSweeney, CA.

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