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Alexander James Sweeney
No. 150

i am looking for my husbands grandfather and great grandfather and great grandmother they are from ireland their manes were myers alexander sweeney alexander francis sweeney bridgett agnes cosgrave margaret sweeney i would like to find where in ireland they were from and where they died and were buried i know alexander francis sweeney and bridgett were married in phila may 17 1917 any info. will be appriciated thanks alexander james sweeney

Brendan Patrick Sweeny
No. 151

my name is brendan patrick sweeny i live in romford, london, england my fathers name is john sweeny he was born in liverpool, thats where the problem starts. from the little information we have his surname may have been mispelt by the priest at the holy cross ( we think). his fathers name was martin sweeny (maybe thomas) he worked on the mersey tunnel and was from cork. he married a boffey.

Edward J. Sweeney III
No. 152

I'm from Lansdowne, PA. I'm married and have two children. I grew up in Upper Darby, PA.

My father, Edward J. Sweeney, Jr., was born in Atlantic City in 1936 and died in 1985. He has one brother named David.

My grandfather, Edward J. Sweeney, Sr. was from Atlantic City, NJ. I believe he was born in 1910 and died in 1983. He was the youngest of three children. His sister's name was Margaret and his brother's name was Matthew.

That's all I have for now.
Ed Sweeney.

No. 153

Hi I am Iain Sweeny from Exeter Devon England searching for information on Thomas Joseph Sweeny I belive born Sligo Ireland he moved to Scotland and his wifes maiden name was Bridget Jenkins also from Ireland.I am looking from about 1860

Ian Sweeney
No. 154

Hi I am Iain Sweeny from Exeter Devon England searching for information on Thomas Joseph Sweeny I belive born Sligo Ireland he moved to Scotland and his wifes maiden name was Bridget Jenkins also from Ireland.I am looking from about 1860

William E. Sweeney
No. 155

Hi, My name is Deborah Sweeney I am Married to William Eric Sweeney. We Live in Kansas City MO. My husbands' father is William Edgar Sweeney He was born in 1920 in A city called Topeka and now he resides in Overland Park Kansas. His grandfathers name was Walter Edgar and was from Topeka KS and his wifes name was Lucy L. Sweeney. His greatgrandfathers name was unknown. He deserted the family. His greatgrandmothers name was Ada Sweeney and they lived in Rock Island IL. She was born on 9/5/1889. Her maiden name was Unrine. How am I ever going to find the ansestors when the one who is most important was the weakest link. Why did he leave the family and desert his wife and kids?

Gerry Sweeney
No. 156

My name is Gerry Sweeney
I am from Glasgow, Scotland but now reside in Linlthgow Scotland.
A brief history of my family tree is as follows.
I was born in Glasgow 28/10/1960
My parents were Richard Sweeney (b.24/10/1921-d.27/11/1996 both Glasgow) Isabella McCamley
(b.04/11/1921-d.10/07/1991both glasgow) married Glasgow 16/07/1955(children Gerard and Frances)
My Grand parents were John Sweeney(b.04/02/1888-d.28/07/1948 both Glasgow) Sarah McCudden(b25/12/1895-d.3/12/1956) Married glasgow 29/11/1917( children Richard,Mary.John,Francis,Daniel)
My Great grandparents were Richard Sweeney (b.around 1850s possibly Ireland and Died 5/05/1919 in Glasgow) Mary Blackburn (b.late 1850s died 22/02/1931 in Glasgow) Married 1/11/1877 . Children John,Sarah,Francis,William,Joseph,RichardMary,James, James,Mary)Many died young hence the duplicate names.
My Great grandparents were Owen Sweeney ( born and died in Ireland dates unknown) Sarah Barret ( born and died in Ireland dates unknown) .

As you see the further back I get the sketchier my details become. So if anyone recognises anything which ring a bell please contact me.

I am particulary interested in a son of my Great grandparents William Sweeney. He was born in Glasgow,Scotland 5/2/1919. due to some unknown scandal he was sent by his family to the USA where he died ( mysteriously ) on 8/10/1929 ,apparently around Chicago. Any leads or info would be greatly appreciated.


Louis Patrick Sweeney
No. 157

My name is Louis Patrick Sweeney I live in New Hampshire. I was born and Raised in NJ I have been searching my roots for three years now and had found it difficult to get past my great grandparents. The spelling of the name was holding us back the NJ census had the family misspelled and when our researcher looked it up misspelled much information came forth. Now my question to all you Sweeney out there has Anyone got infformation on a Samuel sweeny and Lucy D Sweeny they lived in Phildelphia area they had a son named Charles we have seen charles middle intial as both A or L and the dates of birth match Charles maarried an Emma parlo or Parlow they would haave married in Pa they had two children in Pa Samuel and Lucy. We have heard that our sweeneys came from orange county Ireland but that the records would be in County cork. The Aunt who told of this information has passed away so we can't get much more on this until we can get back if any one know anything of the Sweeneys mentioned in Pa please let me know.

Pat Thompson
No. 158

Hello, my name is Pat Thompson and I am looking for information about Daniel Sweeney from Donegal. His wife's maiden name was Anna Bowman. Daniel was thought to have a twin brother named Patrick.Their daughter's name was Anna Ellen Sweeney born on February 20, 1882. She was my grandmother. She died January 26, 1919 when my mother was 6 years old. At some point either in Ireland or the United States she married Joseph Conroy from Laois who had 8 brothers, one of them named Michael and one sister named Mary who may have immigrated to New York. I would appreciate any information about either of these families. Thank you.
Pat Thompson

Maureen Ahern Davis
No. 159

hi my name is maureen ahern grgrgmother was ellen sweeney.she was married to james ahern.i believe that they lived and died in bilboa cappamore doon parish in limerick.ellen and james had at least 1 son Martin Ahern who married ellen connors.they had daus bridget,sarah mary son patrick,triplets mary j,margaret and timothy and another son cornelius.found letter that james may have died in bilboa in 1879.suspect ellen died same time period.martin and ellen(connor) and rest of family immigrated between 1880 and 1900.found record (ellis island) of martin and ellen and triplets sailing to U.S 1898 destination stratford,ct to live with son patrick.would like to find sweeney connection.thank you.

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