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Peter M. Sweeny
No. 110

Hello Sweenys, even those with that pesky third "e". My name is Peter M. Sweeny of Purcellville, Va. I have done considerable research on my family line back to Pa. in 1755. Here is a summary

Joseph Sweeny, 22 Nov 1755 Bucks County, Pa., had in Pa. sons Joseph Jr. 1800, Willet, William, Robert W. and Daniel (b. 28 June 1789 d. 21 Aug 1872)

In N. J. Daniel had Willet, 16 Oct 1816, George (b. 14 Nov. 1818, d. 21 May 1874), William ( b 20 Jun 1820, d. 31 Aug 1874), Margaret Sweeny MELICK (b. 2 Aug 1822, d. 1872), Anna Sweeny STUTE (b. 1 May 1825, d. 1908), Jacob H. (b. 30 Jul 1833, d. 15 Jan 1900), Daniel P. (b. 18 Aug 1827, d. 1891), John D. (b. 26 Dec. 1836), and Charles Maxwell (b. 15 Apr. 1830, d. 23 Dec. 1890)

In Pa. Charles Maxwell had Robert L. (b. Jan 1855, d. abt. 1937) and Harry Eugene (b. 14 Nov. 1857, d. 1 May 1832)

In Pa. Harry Eugene had Howard Blaine ( b. 4 Jul 1891, d. 14 May 1921), Gertrude Sweeny AHERNE (b. 9 May 1900, d. 29 June 1978) and my grand-father, Harry Patterson Sweeny (b. 14 Nov. 1883, d. 12 May 1875)

Harry Patterson Sweeny was married to Alice Grady, son of Michael (O') Grady of Dublin and Mary McGinley probably of Londonderry.

I have omitted spouses and children as this is too long for an e-mail. But I will supply more on request and will provide the complete geneology at the Clan Gathering 2001.

Mark Sweeney
No. 111

My Name Mark Sweeney, from Cincinnati Ohio. My great great grandfather was Daniel Sweeney from County Cork. (We think) He arrived in Cinti around 1865. His wife was a Cotter perhaps (near Kilarney).

Tom Murphy
No. 112

I emigrated to the USA from Scotland in 1962 and reside in Florida. My mothers maiden name was Sweeney. I am trying to trace the Sweeney line back. Here is what I know.

Grandfather Thomas (Ward) Sweeney of Letterkenny, Married 1903\1904 in Letterkenny or Donegal to Susan Brown (Born 1877).of Letterkenny or Donegal) They moved to Clydebank Scotland approx 1903 to 1905 First born was son Thomas who died at age 3 years in Letterkenny while on holiday from Clydebank. Daughters born were Winnie, Cassie, Mary & Margaret(twins), Annie, Adelaide.
Grandmother Susan (Brown)Sweeney died in Scotland approx 1914.

Grandfather Thomas Sweeney died in Scotland around 1922. He had brothers Hughie, Patrick and Charlie & sister Margaret (Maggie). All believed to have moved to Clydebank around 1890 to 1900.
Brother Hughie had two sons Thomas & Charlie. Thomas moved back to Letterkenny to Manage Great Grandfathers Pub. Charlie emigrated to USA (date and place unknown.)
Great Grandfather Sweeney (first name unknown) was a publican (managed or owned a pub) in Letterkenny. I believe the pub to be still there, but not sure.

On Grandmothers side (the Browns) Susan's siblings were William, Eddy, Alexander, Kate & Margaret. Margaret married a Willie Gallagher, who was brother of the famous soccer player who played for Glasgow Celtic - Patsy Gallacher.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

James F. Sweeney
No. 113

Hello ! My name is James Frederick Sweeney. I was born in East St. Louis Illinois on July 15,1946.My father is James Harold Sweeney born in East St. Louis, Illinois . I do not know the year. My grandfather was James Francis Sweeney ,bornSept 2 1905 inEast St. Louis, IllinoisI believe. He died in June of 1986.,I believe also in East St. Louis,Illinois. My great-grandfather was John Sweeney 0n whom I have no birthdate or deathdate.I do believe that he died in the late 1950s-1960s. in East St. Louis,Illinois. I believe that my great-great grandfather was Thomas Sweeney (name has possiblly been changed),born in County Roscommon in 1838. I believe that he died in Jasper County Missouri between 1914-1918.Also I believe That he owned a business in Joplin, Missouri . Any accurate info Would be highly appreciated. James F. Sweeney

Derrick King
No. 114

heres a vague one??
My grandfather was Danny Sweeney (born 1914? possibly in letterkenny)married to Bridget (nee Hegarty?)they lived in gortahork and had 12 children ( my mums one) whom I know about.
his Parents were George Sweeney(possibly from Derry) and Martha (nee Clifford)and we think they had 9 children possibly more only 1 living at this time who is Susan McGlaulin in letterkenny I was just hoping for some information about george and martha and maybe some dates i.e birth wedding and relatives Thanks

Marilyn Mc Sweeney Quinlan
No. 115

My grandfather, William McSweeney, sailed from Cork in April, 1902 and listed his county as Kerry. According to his naturalization papers he was born 1/11/1881. His parents are listed as Daniel McSweeney and Margaret Long McSweeney. He married Bridget Donnelly who also emigrated in 1902 but I don't know whether they married in Ireland or NYC. They settled in the Yorkville section of NYC around First and Second Ave- sixties and seventies- and had five children.

I would like to know anything about the family left in Kerry and I'd like to know where in Kerry he lived.

My mother used to talk of the family as coming from Cork. I found a William Mc Sweeney who came in April, 1903 from Rathmore, Kerry. Could he possibly be a cousin? He was in the same age neighborhood.

Janet McSweeney
No. 116

I am Janet McSweeney. I am searching for info on my grandfather and great-grandparents. My grandfather Dennis McSweeney, married Ellen Waters who was born near Mallow, Co. Cork. They lived in Brooklyn NY and raised 12 children, one being my father Dennis. My grandfathers death certificate list his parents as Jeremiah McSweeney and Johanna Lucey both born in Ireland. I have been unsucessful in locating any info on either Dennis or Jeremiah. My cousins on my grandmothers side say Ellen married Dennis in USA but I have not been able to find a record or anything that helps me trace Dennis/Jeremiah's origins in Ireland. Dennis and Ellen appear in the 1900 census for Brooklyn but I have not found Jeremiah. If anyone has access to earlier census records or has any useful info/lookup access, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Eva Mazzag
No. 117

hello all you sweeney,s out there. I am trying to trace my grandad,s ancestors, his name was simon sweeney and he was born in co monaghan in 1888 I think. He was a horse dealer and quite a character he passed away in 1974. I was 7 when he died and have some very fond memories of him. My name is paul marshall and i live in epsom surrey england.
I would be over the moon if someone could help me.

Andrew Sweeney
No. 118

Andrew Sweeney

G'day, looking for information on Mick Swiney(Irish convict database) Michael Sweeny (Tasmanian convict record) borne by mother Mary circa 1819 in County Cork Ireland, Roman Catholic, brothers Bryan, John, Daniel and Margaret. Records from St. Finbarr's(south) Church Dunbar St.Cork suggest a MichaelSwiney born 12th Dec. 1822 to Timothy Swiney and Jane Shea is a possible Michael Sweeney, can anyony assist? thanks Andrew.

Colleen Sweeney
No. 119


My name is Colleen Anne Sweeney. My father was Paul William Sweeney, born in St. Paul, MN, on June 14th, 1913. He has family members around the St. Paul area. My grandparents were Henry Sweeney, and Mary Kennedy Simpson Sweeney. I do not know if they were born in the US or Ireland.

On my mother's side, there were Harrison's who eventually made it to the US from Scotland.
If anyone has has a connection, please write!
Thank you and diadhuit,

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