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Received Messages

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Iain Sweeny
No. 100

Hi all you Sweenys around the World not long now to the Gathering of the Clan.
I am Iain Sweeny. I am searching for Information on Patrick Joseph Sweeny I belive he was born Sligo Ireland he married a Bridget Jenkins from County Derry. The Jenkins I am lead to belive were Inkeepers and Baliffs any information greatly recieved.
Iain Sweeny

Mrs. Alexander J. Sweeney
No. 101

my name is mrs.Alexander j.Sweeney from powhatan va and i am trying to locate my ancesters from dublin and cork county their names are Alexander sweeney rosecosgrove ,Bridgettagnes cosgrove they were mother and daughter also patrick[pat] and peter[pete ]nolan they and bridgett were sister and brothers please me to find theirfamily members where they lived ,died and were buried thank youalexsweeney i am bridgett grandson

John McSweeney
No. 102

I am John Patrick McSweeneyfrom Worcester VT, planning my first trip to Eire next month and hoping to visit Castle Doe. Various cousins have been trying to dig up roots with little luck.( luck of the mcsweeneys that is) My great great grandfather Denis Charles Mcsweeney came to the US from Ireland in 1862 or 1863 landing in Newark NJ and immediately settling in Newark OH. He married Anne McDermott either shortly before departing Ireland or shortly after arriving. Family lore says she came from Galway but we have no idea where Denis Charles came from- some say Donegal others say Cork whiich may have been only the port of departure reference.

Margrett McCorkle
No. 103

Hello, my name is Margrett McCorkle and I'm in Washington state USA. I'm searching for the ancestors of my 4th great grandmother; Ruthea Sweeney b. 1749 Halifax Co. VA. d. ca 1830 McMinn CO. TN. She married Josiah Maples b. 1746 Halifax Co. VA. d. 11-12-1830 Seiver Co. TN.
It is believed Ruther's parents were:
Moses Sweeney Halifax Co. VA. and Ann Semore / Seymour her dates are unknown.
Any help in learning more about the ancestors of Ruthea Sweeney would greatly be appreciated.

Bradley Sweeney
No. 104

bradley sweeney from-brownstown,in. i am looking for information concerning a HIRAM SWEENEY. He is in the 1850 jackson county census-spelled SWENEY. He had a son named JACOB SWEENEY.Jacob is burried around camelsburg,in. Jacob had a son named NORVAL SWEENEY. He is burried around camelsburg also. Norval married a woman named PEARL COX. They had children-ORVAL,JOHN,CORY,NORI, OPAL,and REVA. Orval is my grandfather.Any info about Hiram SWENEY would be appreiciated.

Iain Sweeney
No. 105

Hi I am Iain Sweeny from Exeter Devon England My Father Is Francis John Sweeny Born Partick Glasgow 1920 his Father was Francis Peter Sweeny born Maclaen St Stobcross Glasgow 1892 looking for information on Thomas Joseph Sweeny Belive born Sligo Ireland about 1860 who married a Bridget Jenkins from County Derry her father was a Balieff called Patrick Jenkins any information please contact Iain.
PS Good luck to all Sweeny/Sweeney Clan researchers

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No. 106

Information reqd on Thomas Joseph Sweeny born Sligo Ireland about 1860. He married a Bridget Jenkins from County Derry I am lead to belive her father was a Baliff looking out for poachers her uncles were Inn Keepers.

Sheila McSweeney McDulley
No. 107

Hi! my name is Sheila McSweeney McDulley and I am looking for my father , Patrick McSweeney. I'm 51 years old and I was born in Cebu City , Philippines . All that I know of my father is that he stayed in the Philipines until 1952 , working in a logging company at Cabadbaran Province Philippines. He has a sister named Sheila and a brother named Cornelius. He might have lived in Connecticut , Pennsylvania , USA. I have proof that he's somewhwere around 84 years old now. We also have a picture of him . I'm hoping that you could help me search for him . It would mean a great deal to me and would make my life complete since I've been longing for him since I was a child. I would appreciate it so much if you could help. Thank You!

Malori K Sweeney
No. 108

Hi my name is Malori K Sweeney November 13,1985 my fathers name is Melvin C. Sweeney September 19, 1957 my mothers name is Robin Sweeney (McArthur) August 25,1958 I have one older sister Natashia Ann Sweeney April 14, 1980. My grandpa's name is Melvin Sweeney too his spouse but ex now is Dorothy Sweeney (Smith).I live in Utah I am just looking for where my family came from that's all so if you can give me any information at all I would appreciate it. Thank you very much.
Malori Sweeney

Charles Sweeney
No. 109

Hello my name is Charles Sweeney. I am looking for any information reguarding my ancestors on my father's side. My father's name is Charles. His father was John, born 1900 Dunegal, County Cork. Apparently he was lived in a smaller part of Dunegal also known by Dunegal. His siblings were Bridget Sweeney, ?born 1904 with nickname Della, Charles Sweeney, Mary Sweeney, A daughter whose name/nickname was Nancy, and Joe Sweeney, who died when he was approx. 21. Here is where it gets confusing- their parents were Michael Sweeney who married Mary, same last name ? different spelling, Sweeney. Michael's father was Charles and his father was known as ? Veel. The only thing I know about Mary is she had a brother James who had a son Michael, who was a famous neurologist who came to America in 1960's to Temple hospital to give a lecture. Sorry for the lack of dates. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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