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Katrina Sargent
No. 90

My name is Katrina Sargent, I am from Australia. Currently I am trying to trace my mothers family and have come to a dead end. My Great Great Grandmother was Catherine Sweeney, she was born in 1849, Donegal, Derry, Ireland and married an Irishman, James Cooney from Tipperary, in 1870, at St Patricks Roman Catholic Cathedral, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia they had nine children together. Catherine's parents were Hugh Sweeney and Ann Fairley, according to her marraige certificate Hugh was a farmer. I can not find any information on her parents and if anyone can assist me it would be greatly appreciated.


Bettie G. Ore
No. 91

I am looking for any information about my gr-grandfather, John Miles Sweney, born 1807, possibly married 1 to a Elizabeth ?. He moved to Illinois and married Margaret Garrison and fathered my mother, Anna Sweney, who later married her cousin, Jonathan Pentzer Garrison. He and Margaret separated bitterly and he wandered around in Kansas. I have letters telling of his going to Dennison, Texas, where he expected to get money from a bond loaned to Texas(?) 99 years before. He died in southern Kansas, place and time unknown, except after about 1882. There is a centograph to his name in a cemetery in Wichita, KS but of course he is not buried there. The trail has grown very cold and I am stumped!

Derek Sweeney
No. 92

My father's name was Daniel Ross Sweeney, his brother's were Edward, Alex and George. His sisters, Annie,Kathleen and Margaret.His father was Edward(Pop) mother Annie (n).Glasgow(Bridgeton) area.

Joe Sweeney
No. 93

Hello. I am a Sweeney, born of John e. Sweeney of Eddystone, Pennslyvania. He was the 4th son of William Sweeney who worked on the railroad in the Philly subs. My father married Marie Cunniffe of Chester, PA. The Cunniffe's were from England where they had went after one of the famous food storages in Irland. They were from the Village of Knock, County Mayo. The Sweeney's never talked much about their past and when we the 2nd generation finally realized that nobody really knew where GrandPop was from we started asking our uncles and they of course didn't know either because they were never told by the parents. Grandpop told a story and I'm sure that it was farfetched but here it goes:

He and his brother set sail from Ireland to Philadelphia and met 2 German Sisters who thought they were going to New Orleans but ended up in Philadelphia. The German sisters lived in Germantown and they eventually married the Sweeney brothers. the last time I saw any of my Grandpop's relatives was when he died and they came to his wake in Chester, PA. That was in 1954 or close to that year. Grandpop's brother and his family lived in Philly. After Grandpop passed away there was very little contact made between either sides of our family.

Gerry Sweeney
No. 94

Hi, I am Gerard Sweeney, known as Gerry. I live in Ayrshire, Scotland.My Father was James, born in Edinburgh in 1922. His Father was Harry, from Ratho, just outside Edinburgh.

Sharon Gallagher Shaffer
No. 95

Hi, I am searching for any information on my grandparents James Gallagher and Elizabeth (Bessie) Sweeney. They had a farm in Inver Parish called casheloogary. They had eight living son's which one of them was my father Michael Gallagher. They also lived in Mountcharles. Most of the son's came to US. Some stayed in NY and 2 went to Montana. Uncle Hughie stayed in Ireland, living in Mountcharles and he married an Annie Gillespie. They are both buried in Mountcharles. Most of the children were baptized at Ardahey Church and my grandparents are buried in Frosses where they attended Church. There is some mention of Burkes. Rose Burke came to NY before the brothers did and they stayed with her. I think she was their cousin. Any info would be appreciated.

Thanks, Sharon Gallagher Shaffer

No. 96

my husbands grandfather and great granffather came from ireland their name was alexander myers sweeney and alexander francis sweeney also his grandmother bridgett agnes cosgrave and her mother rose cosgrave came from county cork i would like to find come info.about them and also who was bridgett father and who was rose parents
Thankyou, Anne.

Gerry Killeen
No. 97

Searcing for decendents of the following Sweeney family:
Hugh Sweeny born 1781, Kilmacrenan, Co. Donegal, Ireland, married Hannah McGinty, born 1792, Doon, Co. Donegal. Their son, Daniel Sweeney born 1835, Co. Donegal and married Susan Haragan. They immigrated to Peel County, Ontario, Canada in 1838.
For further info, please visit my website, recorded below.

Gerry Killeen

Lorna Cyr
No. 98

Hello, my name is Lorna Cyr from Bristol, Ct.
My husband and I will be coming to the Rally in Donegal in September. My mother Ina Morris is the Sweeney.
Her mother was born Zelpha Belle Sweeney in Forest Glen/Carleton, Nova Scotia in 1876. Zelpha's parents were Owen and Elizabeth Sweeney. They were from Ireland and were married in Donegal and started their family there before emigrating by ship to Nova Scotia in the early 1870's. I am presently waiting for information from the Nova Scotia Vital Statistics on more dates, etc. I would appreciate any information on this family from Ireland to Nova Scotia. Zelpha married Arthur Brittain in Nova Scotia and had two children, Stephen and Victoria before moving to Maine where they had 5 other children including my mother, Ina.

Bettie G. Ore
No. 99

I am looking for information about my gr-grandfather, born February 12, 1807, in Pennsylvania. His name was John Miles Sweney - that is the spelling he used in his letters. I have reason to think he was married twice. He came to Illinois and married Margaret Garrison and they came to Kansas. He had a fixation about a Dennison Bond, supposedly to mature in 99 years (issued during the Rev. War and he started to Dennison, Texas, around 1882. I have letters he wrote around that time but they stopped and we think he died somewhere enroute to TX and was buried along the road somewhere. His estranged wife put up a monument to him in Wichita, KS, but of course there is no death date. I would appreciate any little tid-bit of information anyone might have. I am Bettie Garrison Ore, and live in Paola, KS.

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