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Michael A. McKernan
No. 70

I am Michael A. McKernan and I am a decendent of some Sweeneys. This is what I know:
1) Thomas Sweeney married Bridget Gannon in County Cork Ireland prior to 1854 and came to Pennsylvania-USA
2) Thomas (AKA Patrick) Sweeney was reported to be born on February 2, 1854 and died July 7, 1918. I believe he was born in Pittston, Pennsylvania and married Mary A. Brennan. They had three children who lived into adulthood and a great many who did not. They were a) Thomas born May 1882 in Pennsylvania and probable died in his 20's b) Mary who was born in May 1890 and died December 1988 without children. c) Aloysius who was born on June 10, 1892 or 1894 and died June 6 1935 or 1936. Aloysius is my maternal grandfather.
Any assistence would be appreciated.

Janet Bubar
No. 71

Looking for birth place and parents of both my GreatGreatGrandparents, Michael Sweeney born in Ireland in 1803.And Mary (Ennis) Sweeney born 1804. Michael married Mary Ennis on November 12,1824. They emigrated to Canada in 1826.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Dana Ebb
No. 72

Hi. I am looking for any information on my great grandparents. Michael McSweeney 1874-1941. And Mary (O`Sullivan) McSweeney 1873-1948. I do not know what part of Ireland they came from, when they came to Canada in approximately 1894. But they did have at lest one child with them, if not more. Connie(m),Pat(m),John(m) and more that were born in Saskatchewan. The family thinks that maybe they were from Cork. If any one has any ideas on how to find birth records and the marriage records, please let me know.
Thank you.

Rita Stearns
No. 73

Hello all Sweeney's. My name is Rita. Currently I am living in Rhode Island, however I was born and raised in South Boston, Ma.. Presently I am wracking my brains to find out as much information as I can on my Great-Grandfather. His name was Patrick Sweeney, and he was married to Eliza Sweeney nee Rogers in Boston Mass in the year 1855. Patrick was 31 yrs of age and Eliza was 21. I have no idea when he Emigrated or his wife for that matter. Patrick and Eliza had two daughters that I know of. Mary Jane born 1856 and Eliza or Eliza eth as she was called. Born in 1860. Mary Jane married a John Puncheon (sp) Sarjeant and they had Elizabeth John and Francis. Eliza married Joseph w. Shaughnessy and had six children. Alice,Catherine,Agnes,Mary,(my mother and George. She had a baby boy Joseph Patrick who was born in 1905 and died in 1908 God Bless him..Although I do have the registration of their marriage, I do not have any idea when Patrick came over from Ireland or where he was from. I do know that his father was listed on the certificate, as Timothy Sweeney and Eliza's father was James Rogers. If anyone out there thinks that they may have a link to my Patrick, Please contact me.
Thank you all for reading this letter.

Kim Pickles
No. 74

My name is Kim Pickles, my grandmother was a Sweeney. Her father was William Sweeney of Co. Cork Ireland. He married a Rose M. Henry of New Jersey, USA, and divorced after my grandmother was 9 years old. William and Rose had 6 children -- Lillain, Charlotte, Phillip, Jackie, Walter, and Edward.
They all were born in N.J. USA. William died in Missouri, USA last know place of residence. That is all I have on him and hope to get more as to our relatives. He's believed to have immigrated over in the mid to late 1800.

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No. 75

My grandmother was a Sweeney. Her father was a William Sweeney born in Missouri. He married a Rose M. Henry of New Jersey. After 3 children they divorced and he moved back to Missouri. That's the last known add. His father emigrated from Co. Cork Ireland maybe in the early to late 1800. Any help will be appreciated.

Sharon Gallagher Shaffer
No. 76

My father was Michael Gallagher. His Mothers name was Mary Sweeney. I am not sure of my grandfathers first name but they had all boys. One was my father Michael. Who came to NY in the 1900's with three other brothers Patrick, Edward, Frank and one brother stayed there with his Mother his name was Hugh Gallagher. If you have any info you could send me would be great. Would like to contact some of my cousins. Children of Hugh Gallagher. Thanks, Sharon

Jerry Shean
No. 77

My great grandfather Michael J. Shean married HANNAH VERONICA SWEENEY, born 1874 (Boston, Mass?) to JOHN J. SWEENEY and MARGARET LORDON, who came to U.S. in 1873 from Bantree Bay, Co. Cork.
Anyone have any history on John J. or Margaret?

Doreen Thorogood
No. 78

Hi - I know this is a long shot but I would love to trace my Grandmothers family - the only information I have is this
My grandmothers parents were Mary and James Sweeney who came from County Mayo to England in about 1860.
My Grandmother was named Alice and she had sisters named Delia and Margaret. I think there were more in the family but I don't have details except that one of them emigrated to New Jersey at some point
Any information would be very gratefully received
Thank you
Doreen Thorogood

Pamela Sweeney
No. 79

Hello, my name is Pam Sweeney and I live in North Platte, Nebraska. Here is the family tree as I know it -- I would very much appreciate information any one is able to add:

Miles Cance Sweeney
B: 29 Nov 1803 Ireland D: 22 Aug 1882 DPlace: Rock Island, Illinois
Ann Dennell B: 13 Jan 1806 England D: 16 Aug 1862
Washington B: 11 Jul 1826 New Jersey
Margaret B: 9 May 1828 Delaware
August B. B: 25 Apr 1983 (see more below)
Edward 13 B: Aug 1833 Delaware
John B: 1 Mar 1836 Delaware
Catherine B: 30 Apr 1836 Delaware
George Rignor B: 13 Feb 1841 Pennsylvania
Mary Ann B: 26 Nov 1843
Catherine E. B: 30 Jul 1864 Pennsylvania

August B. Sweeney B: 25 Apr 1830 Delaware D: 1896 Wife:
Ann Simmons D: 1844
Frank M. Sweeney B: 8 Jul 1857 D: 16 Apr 1935
Wife: Laura Combs B: 1867 Ohio D: 1894
Children: Bessie

Bradley Wilson Sweeney 21 Feb 1885 Kansas D: 6 Sep 1967 Nebraska
Verna Alma Vinyard B: 16 Apr 1892 D" 4 Apr 1953
Robert Ray B: 15 Jan 1913 Oklahoma D: 1954 California
Ora Alene B: 28 Jun 1918 Oklahoma
Ernie Dean B: 30 Aug 1920
Howard 27 B: Feb 1922 Oklahoma
Billy Wayne B: 4 Dec 1923 Oklahoma
Helen Ruth B: 25 Oct 1947 Nebraska
Paul Frank B: 2 Mar 1930 Nebraska
Harold Alvin B: 27 Sep 1931Nebraska

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