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Robert W. Sweeney
No. 60

Born Hempstead New York, March 1935
Father: James Edward Sweeney born Kingston New York 1885
Father married Isabell Glaccum, New York New York

Siblings are:
Mary Elizabeth Sweeney Johnson
David Booth Sweeney
James Edward Sweeney, Jr.
Richard Gerard Sweeney
Robert William Sweeney

I believe we were all born in Long Island New York between 1929 and 1935 The Sweeney's owned a Blue Stone mine around Kingston New York.
My father James had a brother Raymond W. Sweeney and a sister named Edna?
James and Raymand were in the insurance industry in New York city.
James died in 1942 or 1943 Hempstead NY.
Raymond died in 1960? Brooklyn NY.

If you need additional information please let me know and I will contact my sister Mary and eldest brother David to get any information they may have.

Bob Sweeney

Audrey Leonard
No. 61

Hi, a Minnesota Sweeney here. My g-grandfather, Edward Sweeney, came from there, b. 1817 in Mongreff, Ireland, emigrated to Minnesota, USA, sometime before 1855. G-grandmother, Honora O'Shea was born in 1830 in Bee(ground?), Ireland. I can't read it on the marriage certificate so would appreciate it if anyone knows what the name of the town could be. She emigrated to Connecticut in 1848, came to Minnesota in 1855, married Edward in 1856.
Edward died in 1895 and Honora (Hannah) in 1909. None of my relatives can tell me anything about their Irish roots, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Mike Sweeney
No. 62

Born Dulwich Camberwell South London
Son of Michael Joseph Sweeney and Valery Sweeney nee Collier.
Both parents were from Cwmbran in South Wales
My father was the youngest child of Tom and Mary Sweeney.
Tom Sweeney was landlord of the Forge Hammer Public house in the Irish quarter of Cwmbran in the early 1930's
Both parents died and my father was "farmed out" by the priest to another family by the name of McClenchie.
I've just found out about my uncle Terrance Cornelious Sweeney shot by the Japanese in 1945 while crossing the Irrawaddy river in Burma in the last major offensive against the Japs. He was Colour Sergeant Major the Welch Regiment. According to my father he was a bit of a lad! Returned from the commandos after a fight with a group of Polish soldiers.

Brendan Rush
No. 63

Born: Boston MA, 7-31-67
Mother: Lorraine McSweeney, Boston b.1938 Daughter of Edward P. McSweeney, Boston b. 3-17-00, Son of William McSweeney, Boston or Ireland.

Edward P. McSweeney, born on St. Patrick's Day in Boston in 1900. Engineer for the Metropolitan District Commission. There is now an Edward P. McSweeney Park in Dorchester (Irish Neighborhood of Boston) by Malibu Beach on Morrissey BLVD, which is marked by a huge peice of granite that has his name and the shamrock. He worked for the MDC for 65 years he passed in 1988. he was responsible for much of the designing of bridges throughout Massachusetts.

Arthur McSweeney, Edwards Youngest Brotehr died inEurope during WWII.

His Father William married a Mary McCabe of Boston or Ireland.

Brendan J. Rush

No. 64

Hello Everyone,
My name is Rita and I am trying to find information on my Great-grandfather Patrick Sweeney. I forgot to mention that I live in Rhode Island now but was raised in South Boston, Ma.

My husband and I have found his marriage certificate. He Married Eliza Rogers, from Ireland also. They married in the year 1855. At the time of their marriage Patrick was 31 yrs of age and Eliza was 21. I do not know when Patrick Emigrated to the U.S. At the time of their marriage Patrick was living in Lexington, Ma and Eliza in Boston. I believe after they wed they stayed in Boston.

Patrick's father is listed as Timothy and Eliza's father as James.

Patrick and Eliza had two children that I know of, My grandmother who was also named Elizabeth and Mary Jane.Now it gets a little tricky, as I was told by a relative that Patrick had been married before and had children by that marriage. Until I go back to the Archives and hopefully find a possible marriage certificate of Patrick with his first wife this is as far as I know. If there is anyone out there that might be ableto help me I am stuck. Would love to hear from someone. Thank you for taking the time for reading my query.

Pat Marcoux
No. 65

My paternal grandmother was Margaret (Mc)Sweeney from Kerry. Family legend is that her family was not far from Tralee. A sister's obit mentioned Ballymacelligott, but I was not able to find matching Church records thru the Heritage Center. there were apparently cousins there (in Clashatlea, but they may have been Buckleys on the maternal side per a letter in 1975). She and her sister Mary immigrated to NYC @1880. They were born @ 1861, 1862 to Myles and (either Margaret Myles a/o Mary Buckley per conflicting death certificates.) There were at least two younger sisters (or half sisters...Nora and Ellen who immigrated later and were @10-15 years younger.
Apparenly there was also at least one brother (or possibly a cousin whose wife was named Julia. She moved to Arizona in her old age. She married Timothy Quinn in NYC and was widowed in 1900. She married my grandfather after he immigrated from Tarbert to NYC (1901) Any info re:location in Kerry appreciated.

Ian Sweeney
No. 66

Hi Sweeney/Sweeny Clan
I am Iain Sweeny from Devon England.
My Father Francis John Sweeny Born Sept 15th 1920 Glasgow His Father Francis Peter Sweeny Born1892 Stobcross Scotland Looking for Thomas Joseph Sweeney belive born Sligo Ireland about 1860 married a Bridget Jenkins from County Derry I am a Sweeny at a standstill.

Richard Seibert
No. 67

Dear Sweeneys,
I am Richard Seibert of Topanga, California. My ggrandmother was Margaret Sweeney, born in Co. Donegal around 1849 to Michael Sweeney and? McAteer. She had a younger brother, Francis Patrick, born around 1852.
Margaret emigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1870 and married Dennis Coll around 1872. The story goes that Dennis sent a ticket for her as he was in the U.S. since 1865.
Michael Sweeney, possibly born around 1810-15, had a brother, John Sweeney who married Ellen McGettigan and they had a daughter, Susan, around 1854. Susan emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1870s and married John A. Kelly around 1872 in Pittsburgh.
Margaret's brother, Francis Patrick, also emigrated to the U.S. in the 1870s, first living in Pittsburgh, then moving to Cleveland, Ohio and marrying Esther Kelly in 1888. He sold wholesale woolens to tailors, as did Dennis Coll.
There were several other Sweeney relatives who came to the U.S. and some who returned to Ireland, possibly between 1900 and 1920. The names Agnes and Anne Sweeney keep popping up, in fact I also found an Annie Sweeney who was born about 1862 and died in 1883 in Pittsburgh, being buried in the Coll family plot.
The first Anne Sweeney was a witness at the wedding of Ellen Coll(Dennis' sister) to Henry Weaver in Feb.1868, so there is definitely a strong connection with the Sweeneys and Colls.
I am looking for some help with finding out where in Co. Donegal my Sweeneys came from. Anyone with knowledge of the Michael Sweeney? McAteer and John Sweeney/Ellen McGettigan families, please write to me.
Thank you.

Ryan Sweeney
No. 68

To all concerned,
My name is Ryan Sweeney. I was born in Los Angeles in 1977. To the best of my knowledge I am third generation Irish. I've heard from various people the my family's original name upon arriving in America was MacSweeney. I have no contact with my fathers family, so my knowledge of family is limited. My fathers name is Patrick and was born in either Rhode Island or New York in 1944. My grandfathers name was William. He is now deceased. His father arrived in the U.S. as a boy in the early part of the century. If any of this is even vaguely familiar to anyone, please contact me. I'm just a young man in search of some family continuity. Maybe someday I'll be able to give answers to the questions that I've always had to my children.

George E. Beckett
No. 69

On the 4 day of June, 1798 John, Morgan & Alexander Sweeney and three brothers in laws left Kilmacrenan, Donegal, Ireland and went to Derry and sailed the following day for America. The ship was damaged my a bad storm at sea but eventually landed in Philadelphia. They pushed west to North Cumberland County, stayed for a few years and then pushed further to Crossingville, PA. John was married to Bridget ? and their son John (My Great, Great Grandfather migrated to Old Mission Michigan in the Fall of 1850, just north of Traverse City. All this is from a family history and I would love to meet others related to my line and especially get any knowledge of their family in Donegal.

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