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George J. Sweeney
No. 50

Daniel Sweeney (and possibly brother Barnabas) were in Pennsylvania in Westmoreland Co. (later Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania) by 1786. Am trying to find the place in Donegal from which their family emigrated. Members of Daniel Sweeney's family were sons: James, Regis, Daniel (all born Ireland); another son, John Patterson Sweeney, was born in Pennsylvania, USA. This was the only known part of the Daniel Sweeney family.

Margaret Means
No. 51

Hello! I'm looking for the family of my gggrandfather Robert Sweeney. His naturalization papers state he was born in county Donagal, Ireland and immigrated to the port of Philadelphia, Penn. Aug 1829. He was born 10th April 1800. Hope you can be of some help.

Jim Higgins
No. 52

Seeking information on my maternal great grandmother, Mary Sweeney, who was married to a William Duffy. She was reportedly born on the Fanad Peninsula in Co Donegal, Ireland in July, 1838. She lived in Chester, Delaware Co, Pennsylvania, USA and died 05 July 1907. She is buried in St. Michael's Cemetery in that city. Her father was James Sweeney and mother, Ellen Sweeney [it is possible this is her married name and not actual surname].

William Duffy was reported to be born in the same area on the Fanad Peninsula in 1842. His father was Bernard Duffy and mother, Sarah Dorian. He and Mary maintained their home at 610 McIlvaine St., Chester, Pennsylvania until his death on 12 Apr 1909. They had a number of children and all lived in the same general area.

Will be glad to supply additional family information if someone can give me solid lead to determine Mary's roots.

Thanks very much.
Jim Higgins, Delaware.

Roger P. Sweeney
No. 53

I am looking for info on my G.G Grandfather . A James Sweeney (Swiney). My first contact is in Gettysburg, PA How he got there is my first missing link. He was born in 1750 He died in Gettysburg in 1813 We do know he accumulated some wealth. His son Andrew was born in Gettysburg in 1800. Andrew married an Irish Girl by the name of Rose Anne Kean on February 1 1827. We do know she was born in County Antrim in 1807. They farmed in SE Iowa. I need to know the location of Rose Annes Birth an also the city they were married in. One story about James is he was a English conscript and jumped ship in Philadelphia but have no vereification of this Rose Anne Died in 1887 and andrew 1890 both in Washington, IA

Bill Sweeney
No. 54

My name is Bill Sweeney, born in Brooklyn, N.Y., as was my father Robert E., and his father Robert E.. My great-grandfather was Dennis Sweeney, born in Ireland, sometime between 1820 and 1826, but I don't know where. Dennis died in 1884. Dennis arrived in Brooklyn about 1839. It is possible that his father was a Dennis Sweeney, a tin-smith, born about 1798 in Ireland, and was in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 1850. The older Dennis was married to a Unity, or Unis. Dennis my ggfather was married to Ann Vance, possibly in Brooklyn, about 1847. It is possible that Dennis, the younger, had a brother George born in Ireland about 1818, married to Ann Friel from Donegal, who served in the American Civil War, and died in 1869. I can't say that George was a brother to Dennis. George and Ann's marriage certificate show that he was from Londonderry. Another possible brother was James, possibly James H., born in Ireland about 1833. All these persons resided in Brooklyn. James had a son Ambrose A.
Bill Sweeney.

Mary Lou McSeveney
No. 55

Joseph and Mary McSeveney....East Skeery, Weaver had 8 children:
Isaiah-10 Oct. 1845
Thomas James-12 Oct. 1847
Sarah Jane-20 April 1850
Joanna-1 May 1852
Joseph-29 April 1854
Elizabeth-25 May 1856
Wiilliam-23 March 1858------Rushy Island[farmer]
Joseph-28 May 1861-----Tullynewy[weaver].

Joseph had a brother Isaiah who's wife was Elizabeth Ann they had 7 children. From the ages of the children he was the elder. Both were weavers except for years 1956-1858 when they were listed as farmers. Also Joseph's wife was listed as Jane after the birth of Isaiah in 1845. Her nee was Connor. All this curtasy John McCabe. The 1845 Isaiah was my graqndfather. Any and all comments from any one who has ANY infromation will be quite welcome to me.
Isaiah immigrated to the USA in 1862.

Kay Sweeney Spence
No. 56

I am looking for any help finding our family. My gg grandfather was born in Cty Mayo in 1819. Settled in Wisconsin but moved to Kansas in 1874. Married to Bridget. had 7 children. Mary, Ellen, margaret, martin, James, Michael & Thomas. Thomas was my grandfather. He married Catherine McCoy.I know one of his sons(Jack) moved with his family to Calif.but the family has lost touch with them. Jack's wife's name was Margaret(also from Kansas). Does anyone have any info on the Calif. Sweeneys or Michael Sweeney from Cty. Mayo?

Erick J. Owens Sr.
No. 57

I do not have much to go on. I do know that Daniel Gallagher married Nora Sweeney in County Donegal. The lived and died in Ireland. I do know that they had at least one child, Mary Gallagher. Mary wed Timothy McNelis and immigrated to the United States. Mary passed away in 1917 and Timothy passed away in 1912. No other dates are known. It is my belief that Timothy McNelis came from Glenties, County Donegal. Mary would be my 3rd Great Grandmother.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Tracey Felts
No. 58

Hello my name is Tracey Felts and i am searching my husbands family tree . My mother in law is Hannah Josephine Felts nee SWEENEY she was born in Fal Carragh Donegal in 1936.Her father was Manus Sweeney and her mother was Madge Sweeney nee McGee who was born in 1900 and died in 1936 giving birth to Hannah,she had a brother called Danny and a sister called Mary.This is all we know at present so if there is a relation out there or anyone comming across this please will you get in touch we would love to hear anything even if you think there might be the slightets chance then please feel free to email us. Once again I thank you for taking time out to read this and all the best to every one searching there roots.

Edwin Scott Sweeney
No. 59

My father is Randall Morris Sweeney.
Grandfather Mr. Frank Morris Sweeney Jr.
GreatGrandfather Mr. Frank M. Sweeney Sr. All from Tennessee.

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