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Colleen O'Byrne
No. 33

I'm researching William and Mary WATERS (a.k.a. FORISKY) SWEENEY, born in Co. Donegal (Mary born on Tory Island) c. 1820. They emigrated to the US and settled in Carbon County, and possibly Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.
They had three daughters that I know of: 1-Mary SWEENEY, b. 1851 in Mauch Chunk, Carbon Co., married Frank DEVERS in 1870 in Allentown, Lehigh County, PA (my great grandparents). Frank died in 1902 and Mary died in 1931. Both are buried at the Immaculate Conception parish cemetery in Allentown.
*Mary was a sort of healer, perhaps taught by her mother. She worked with herbs. People would come to her for her treatments after their own doctors had given up. Her grandson, my grandfather, survived a serious respiratory illness thanks to her treatment.
2-Harriet SWEENEY, b. c. 1860, prob. in PA, married Charles LANNING c. 1882 in Belvidere, Boone Co., Illinois. Later lived in Denver, Colorado. Death dates unknown.
3-Daughter SWEENEY. No information on this daughter except that she did marry and have a daughter who married William DURSCH.

I live in Carbon Co., PA.
I'd love to hear from anyone with information or ideas!
Thank you, Bonnie Williams

Pat McSweeney
No. 34

HI I'm looking for what sometimes feels like a needle in a hay stack.
My Great Grandfather
John MacSweeney (Shoe Maker) was beleived to be from Cork, I'm not sure which part. born about 1860. My Grandfather
John McSweeney (he dropped the Mac or so I'm told) was beleived to be from Cork,
born: About 1881,
died: June 14 1931, Killarney, Co. Kerry
Married: April 27 1913 to Mary O'Connor, Killarney, Co. Kerry

John Served in WW! and was gased during the war. He settle in Killarney, Co. Kerry where he met and married Mary O'Connor. John was also a Shoemaker. John and Mary had 6 children John (1914-1932); Sheila (1919-1974, she married a John Pimberton); Timothy (1921-1977, he married Margaret Williams) Patrick (1923) Margaret (1925, she married a James Hall) and Teresa (1926-1926)

There was 14 years between John and Mary so I'm not sure if this was a second marriage or not. Any information or direction on how I can find my Grandfather John McSweeney's information. Would be greatly appreciated. I only know my great grandfathers name and occupation because of John and Mary's marriage certificate.

Thanks Pat McSweeney

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No. 35

This site is great and well recognised amongst anyone looking for the Sweeney name. I hope there maybe someone who can help us point in the right direction. Our search is more recent than the others seen in your message board.
My husband is Michael Sweeney born 1968 to Michael Joseph Sweeney born 1948 we live in the North East of England. Michael Joseph's father was Patrick Joseph who sadly passed away last year. We believe they came from Achill island county Mayo. Patrick had several brothers and sisters one who was named John and another Bridget. The time they were born was between 1920 and 1930. Can anyone help us as we are trying to start a family tree and this is as far as we can go. We need to know where Patrick was born and what year to search any further.any help is much appreciated and family contact would be welcomed.

Wade Ellis Ketchabaw
No. 36

My name is Wade Ellis Ketchabaw, My Grandfathers name is George Ellis Sweeney. I don't know him very well Because I haven't known him most of my life. Recently my parents have taken him into there home because he has come down with Allzimers, and his wife has passed away. He is from Nova Scotia, and he also was a Captain in the Canadian Army.He met my Grandmother in England and they got married there I think. After the war he became a teacher. His brothers I never met Because they died at a early age, this is what I was told and this is all I know. If there is any body who knows anything about his and my ancestry please let me know. thanks.

Lorraine Conroy
No. 37

My name is Lorraine Conroy,grand daughter of Sarah Sweeney Kelly from Gola Islandborn 1874. She was the daughter of Hugh Sweeney & Mary Divers. Hugh was the son of James Sweeney and Mairead Sweeney. I understand that they original came from Fanad before going to Gola. I would like to learn if James and Mairead also lived on Gola Island or is the story I was told that 2 of their sons John & Hugh went looking for wives and John found one along the way and Hugh went onto Gola where he married my g.grand mother. Appreciate any help.

Margaret Foran Bartels
No. 38

my name is Margaret Foran Bartels. I live in New York, U.S.A.. My mother's name was Margaret Sweeney, her father's name was Hugh. His father was a farmer in Donegal and his mother's name was Bridget Gallagher Sweeney. Hugh left Donegal and traveled to Scotland at a young age. I know he was one of numerous children. He had a sister named Isabella and a brother named Daniel. That is all I know at this time. I am looking for any information that can be given.

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No. 39

I don't have much to go on. My G-G-Grandfather was Timothy McNelis. He married Mary Gallagher whose father was Dan Gallagher. Dan married a Nora Sweeny. Sorry I don't have any dates either for Dan Gallagher or Nora Sweeny. I know That Timothy came from Glenties Ireland. Where do I begin?
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