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Sidney Swinney Polley
No. 11

I live in Richardson, Texas which is a town near Dallas. I am looking for information on John Swinney. Memoirs written by William Landon Swinney, a great grandson, tell the family story about two brothers coming from Ireland around 1790 and settling in New York. The two brothers, second one unnamed, both fell in love with the same woman. The unnamed brother won her hand so John went south and settled in Georgia. According to the great grandson, the name was spelled Sweeney but John changed it to Swinney upon arriving in Georgia. John married Rosey Zollicoffer. He died in 1800 in Georgia. John and Rosey had several children, Ransom Zollicoffer Swinney, being one of them. Ransom Z. married Mary Clark Greene. One of their sons, Wilson Ransom Swinney {my great grandfather} married Sarah Ann Skinner. One of their sons, James Sidney Swinney {my grandfather} married Josie Adaline Smart. My theory is that John left Ireland closer to the 1760s rather than the 1790s. {I have no idea what part of Ireland he was to have come from}. He had become very successful in Georgia and it hardly seems that he could have accomplished all the did in the ten short years from 1790 until he died in 1800. Other Swinney/Sweeney researchers have been able to find him in Georgia but not any further back. If any of this sounds familiar to anyone I would greatly appreciate hearing form you.

Evelyn (Evie) Sweeney Naranjo
No. 12

My father, George Sweeney, was born in 1906 in Elmhurst, NY, fifth of 7 children. His father, also named George, died on New Year's Eve 1910. He had been founder and President of Sweeney & Gray Construction Company, which still exists in NYC. Since my father had no memory of his own father, we know very little about him other than he was the eldest child of his family, born in 1869 in Long Island City, NY and he married Hannah Dempsey of Pittston, PA. This George's parents were James Sweeney and Ellen Rall. James was born in Ireland Jan., 1842 and emigrated to NYC where he was a bricklayer. Ellen Rall was born on the Eastern end of Long Island. Her parents were born in Ireland. James and Ellen Sweeney had 12 children, including twin boys, William and James. The names of the children were George, Jane, Nellie, Mary (Maimie), Edward, James and William, Margaret, Lillian and Ida. From the 1880 and 1900 census records, Ellen and James Sweeney lived at 51 Fourth St., Long Island City. George and Hannah lived on Denman St. in Elmhurst, LI, NY. They had seven children, William, Ella, James Edgar, Mae, George, Harry, Walter.

Stacey Sells
No. 13

My grandmother was from Donegal Ireland. Her name was Kathleen Sweeney. She then moved to america and married James Bissett. I know she has 3 brothers still in ireland.

Jenny McHugh-Sweeney
No. 14

I am looking for my grandfather Joseph Sweeney born in Pettigo??? 1872??? His mother was Annie Sweeney-McLennan is on his marriage certificate.

Trudy Enderle
No. 15

My GG Grandfather was Morgan McSweeney and my GG Grandmother was Julia O'Heffernan. Her mother was Alice and James. Morgan and Julia and Alice came to Cincinnati, Ohio, USA about 1850 .

Pat Kazlo
No. 16

Message in family Bible says: "Left Ireland Cappamore 21 April 1827----Arrived in Clinton, Co. USA 1 July 1859." Patrick was born 1780-1790. 1st wife Alice Fox Children: Patrick,Jr., Alice and Thomas. 2nd wife Jane Spellman Children: Bridget, Mary Ann, John, Edward, Jane, Emma, Elizabeth, Nancy. I beleive Patrick immigrated into Canada. d in Chateaguay, NY USA J(Just accross the border from Canada. Thank You.

Joseph Murphy
No. 17

Searching for any information on a Abigail SWEENEY from County Cork. She immigrated to the U. S. sometime during the mid-1860s. Was married to a John Cunningham, also of County Cork. Family history has it that they were either married and immigrated together, or that John came to the U. S. first, and Abigail followed him a short time later, and that they had settled down and married, in the state of Illinois. Later, in the early 1870s, they both moved over into Terre Haute (Vigo) IN, then later stil, on east to Brazil (Clay) IN, where they both lived out their lives together. Any information on either of the two particulars would be greatly appreciated.

R Sweeney
No. 18

My grandfather, Peter Sweeney, was born Nov. 18, 1889 in Brooklyn. His father, Thomas Sweeney was born in 1866 in Ireland, location and time and place of emigration are unknown. His mother's maiden name was Delia McHugh. She was born in 1863 in Ireland; location and time and place of emigration also unknown. It is believed that the family arrived and located in NYC/ Brooklyn. That is the extent of my knowledge of my family's genealogy. If anyone has information on Thomas or Delia Sweeney, I would appreciate any leads. Thank you.

Cecilia R. Sweeney
No. 19

I am happy to make a contribution to your new "roots" section. My gg-grandfather James Sweeney (1791-1870) was born in County Meath. He and his wife Ann Blake (1804-1846), also a native of Co Meath, and their son James Sweeney, Jr. (1825-1849) left Ireland and came to Brookston, Canada in 1829. The family later moved to Casenovia NY in 1835. Additional children of James & Ann: Mary Ann (B-1831), Edward (B-1833), George(B-1836), Catherine (B-1839), and Margaret (B-1842), Ann Blake-Sweeney passed away in 1846 and James remarried Rose Clark and moved the family to Crown Point, Indiana in 1848. James and Rose had 3 children: Angeline (B-1850), John P (B-1853) and Thomas (B-1857). My g-grandfather James Sweeney Jr. married Elizabeth Johnson in 1849. Elizabeth (B-1827) was a native of Drogheda, Co Louth. James and Elizabeth had 9 children: Annie (1851-1862), Mary (B-1852), Catherine (1854-1874), Bridget (1857-1874), Rose (1859-1914), Margaret (1861-1938), John James (1863-1946), G! eorge E (1865-1867) and Julia (1868-1930). My grandfather John James Sweeney married Catherine Bridget Fitzpatrick (1875-1951) in 1896 in Chicago. John & Catherine had 4 children: Mary E (B-1897), James Edward (1899-1918), Catherine Bridget (1901-1961)and John Joseph Sweeney (1906-1995). My father John Joseph Sweeney and my mother Gertrude (1905-1989) had me in 1948 in Chicago. The family moved to Los Angeles County in 1959. I currently reside in Northern California. Best wishes to all our Sweeney family members.

Dick Sweeney
No. 20

My name is Dick Sweeney, My Grandfather was Patrick Sweeney Born in 1844 Co Mayo His wife was Bridget Born 1846 there first child was James Born 8 Aug 1868 Co Mayo there other 10 children were born in the USA, so I figure came over in a period of 1869 to1872. We find the town of Ballycroy mentioned as either his or her home, their is the maiden name of Gauthen or Gaughan but this could be wrong. They settled in Lewis Kansas and farmed, but first stopped briefly in Penn And Ohio where child were born.
I have found your site to be very interesting, plan to come to Ireland in 2002.

Click Here
No. 21

Hello,i would be grateful if you could show our family details in looking for roots section. My great grandfather John Sweeney,or his father`s family, are believed to originated from COBH, my grandad who was also called John Sweeney had seven son`s and one daughter. Our family live in liverpool. Could you please send information on progress concerning Doe Castle. THANKS

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