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David Sweeney
No: 01

Hello, I would be grateful if you could show our family details 'Looking for Roots' section.
my great grandfather John Sweeney, or his father`s family, are believed to originated from COBH, my grandad who was also called John Sweeney had seven son`s and one daughter. Our family lives in Liverpool.

Linda Brenner
No: 02

Hi. My name is Linda Sweeney Brenner and I am trying to trace my family. My Grandfather was Jeremiah Sweeney born December 16th 1877 in the US. He was married to Annie Creighton - also born here in US. Jeremiah's father was also Jeremiah and he was born in Ireland (do not know where) circa 1853. He married Catherine (or Johanna) Sullivan who was born circa 1850 in Ireland. Would very much like to know my Dad's family line and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Margrett McCorkle
No: 03

I descend from Ruthea Sweeney b.1749 place unknown d.1830 in McMinn CO. TN. She married Josiah Maples b.1746 in VA. d.11-12-1830 in Sevier CO. TN. They had 13 children, their son Jesse Maples is my line. I have learned Ruthea's parents were Moses Sweeney and Ann Semore/Seymore but know nothing more. I am hoping for any information about my Sweeney family line. Ruthea and Josiah were my 4th great grandparents. Thanks for any help.

Lynn Walker
No: 04

Looking for place of birth for my great-grandfather, John Francis Smith (MacSweeney). He was born 08/01/1847 in County Cork. His mother may have been Rose, Catherine, or Mary. He told his children that the first born male in his family had been named John Francis for as far back as anyone knew. He did not want to become a priest, which was the wish of his family, and ran away from home at the age of 11, "jumped a ship", and came to America. He traveled with a family named Smith and kept their name for the rest of his life in America. He eventually settled in the Eau Claire/Trempealeau County of Wisconsin, married Mary Lawler on 04/26/1869, and they had 11 children. They had a fairly sizable farm and also a country store. Their children were: Rose A., Catherine M.(ary?), Mary L.(ydia?), Nora Cetta, John Francis, Jr., William P.(atrick?), Lawrence E.(dward?), Francis Gertrude, David William, Blanche Luella, and Daniel J. who died apparently as an infant. He had at least 1 sister who apparently ended up in South America or Australia. He died in about 1912 in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area. He had medium to light reddish brown curly hair, blue eyes, was apparently about 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 10 inches tall, and of medium, "wirey" build. Some of his descendants have impressive artistic and musical talents. We believe he was in the Civil War and was a prisoner at Andersonville. We would be so very grateful if any of this sounds familiar to a MacSweeney somewhere out there who could help identify at least city or general area of birth. Thank you so much. See you at Clan Reunion 2001!!

David Sweeney
No: 05

G'day I understand that my Sweeney forebears left either Rathmullen or Derry in the 19th century, traveled to Motherwell, Scotland before moving onto America, and New Zealand and Adelaide, Australia, where I was born. My father's christian name is Michael, his father's was James, his father's was Michael, and so on. I have been told that the pattern was Michael, James, Michael, James. Are you able to suggest how I should explore my family tree. I gathered whilst I was in Ireland that there is no shortage of Michael's and James' amongst the Sweeney's.

Bill Gerber
No: 06

My name is Bill Gerber and I live in Washington, DC. My maternal grandmother was Ella Virginia Sweeney (born 1880), daughter of Richard Sweeney. I have been to Ireland four times in the past, but just recently started tracing my roots and was delighted to find this Sweeney Web Site and it is wonderful they are in Donegal, the one part of Ireland I have not explored! I am really looking forward to my visit!

Heather Candles
No: 07

Hello, I have looked at your web site - trying to gain information on my family's background. My great great grandfather was Daniel McSweeney. He came directly from Ireland in the mid 1800's and settled in San Francisco, California. He returned to Ireland when the British were threatening and taking over lands and estates in the Donegal area. He became actively involved in the conflict between the Irish and the British and was imprisoned by the British as a subversive.

Tony Guenther
No: 08

My Great Grandfather was Miles Benjamin
McSweeney who happened to be the Governor of South Carolina at the previous turn of the century. We have not been able to uncover very much about his father or mother or other ancestors prior to the late 1800s, so you may help get us started in the right direction.

Diane Lovegrove Bader
No: 09

Dear John, I was excited to find the Sweeney website. A cousin of mine, John McSweeney, and I have been working on a geneology book for our children. It will have some of the Sweeney family history starting with Julia Lenahan and Daniel Mc Sweeney who must have married and left Denegal for the US immediately afterwards, They left in 1858. Daniel was an Irish patriot who started a large family in San Francisco and then moved back to Carrow House with his wife and children. My grandfather, the eldest son, and his elder sister were the first to come back to the US as teenagers. They apparently went through Philadelphia because she went to school at Mount de Chantal in West Virginia. I have a lot of history written down. I even have letters from my great grandfather when he was imprisoned in Ireland after he returned there. He was working for land reform.

Jim Sweeney
No: 10

I am a resident of Chicago, IL and am interested in finding information concerning my grandmother, her sisters etc. They came to the US from Ireland around 1900. Their family name was Sweeney and as I remember they said they were from either Sligo or Mayo County. I am just starting on this journey and would greatly appreciate any information or direction you may want to give.

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